Outdated navdata

Hello, I would like to know how often the nav data is updated or if the nav data is updated to the latest version. I am trying to find the SID (VIGLA1B) and I cannot find it, even the waypoint I cannot find it. This SID is in the navigraph charts, it also appears to me when trying to make my flight plan with simbrief since I have the last airac unlocked (2010), why is it not in the game?

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Hi, Diego! Infinite Flight uses NAVBLUE as their navigation database. The data is updated in-game about once every 28 days after each new AIRAC cycle, which is why you may see SimBrief updated earlier.


I have the latest AIRAC in my simbrief account and the SID is there, but I can’t find it in the game. so it should be there

I believe you can talk to Cameron about SID / STAR inaccuracies, not sure though.

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You know if there is any problem if i tag him?

You can send him a private message.

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Thanks for the help. The problem is solved, the SID just was renamed but in IF is outdated so have the old name. This can be closed now :)


As it is right now, the NAVBLUE database are updated yearly. So if this procedure was added / changed after we received the dataset, it will be added in the next update cycle we receive from them.



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