[Outdated] List of Resources for Infinite Flight

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Looks great thanks for letting me work on this with you!


Can I include TOD sites as well?

Might include a bit of X-Plane…

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Yes, that’s fine. Put it in the flight planning section:-)

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I can’t edit this, but this can go under airports and charts.


It is a map of all airports and their gates/airways/STARS/SIDs.

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This is awesome!

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That is part of this entry:

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I’m going to add FR24 to the list in a second. I find FR24 to be very helpful and will most certainly be useful for many others on IFC :)

Edit: There we go, should be looking good now :)


I can’t edit the thread but can you add Navigraph to the airports and charts category? It is payware, but it is still a resource that is available.

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Sorry, free sources only. That way they are easily accessible to everyone.


Great resource, Thanks Mr.CEO

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Unfortunately it is hard to get these for the whole world except for the US. All other charts are very outdated, or require paid chart services. Can we put sources like Navigraph in here @PlaneCrazy?

Are you sure that they are outdated? Both https://opennav.com and https://skyvector.com provide charts for many other countries and as far as I can tell they are current…

Just added:


Description: An easy to use website that shows wind currents, thunder storms, temperatures, and other weather across the world. Great for making sure the wind is in your favor when flying or planning flights!

Other Uses: N/A

Additional Links: ‎Windy.com - Weather & Radar on the App Store, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.windyty.android

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A lot of people seem to have forgotten about this. It’s a great way to quickly find information on all things aviation and Infinite Flight when you need it, and a great way to find new tools that make your flight simulation experience more realistic! I hope people will start using it again. If you have any ideas on ways to add to or improve it, please let me know!


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