Outburst and request

Before reading, understand, this is just something to reflect on and is not intended to harm anyone.

I would like to expose here my dissatisfaction and that of some users with Infinite Flight. Mainly related to errors in aircraft development. These are mistakes that we cannot understand and end up getting annoying. I will list a few before concluding;

  • Matte livery with shades not available on the 777-200ER - at the launch of the B772 it was perfect, texture incredibly beautiful. But a few days later there was an update that made his liveries literally matte. Why???

  • 787 family - this is perhaps as intriguing as the B772 case. Before the update that brought the movement of the 787’s landing gears, it was one of the best planes among those that didn’t have a functional cockpit. Then came the update on their landing gear and some bugs that leave us intrigued. First, WHY was the color of the B788’s engine fairing rim “chrome”? There is no airline B788 in the world that has this! Another thing, the “CAPTAIN” camera is literally crooked on the B789. I wonder in all the honesty in the world if those responsible for developing airplanes really love aviation.

  • Airbus A330-900neo mask - the top part of the Airbus A330-900neo mask was wrong and the community pushed you a little bit to get it fixed, and they fixed it, but it didn’t fix it on every Airbus A330-900neo. WHY??? It’s impossible to understand!

  • Auzl A320 - on one of the engines, the green and yellow colored bands are “broken”. This is another bug that didn’t exist and came up with the arrival of an update.

It’s these four errors that have bothered me the most, but I could cite others like the A330-900neo Azul Rosa that had THREE different records on the same plane. Whoever did this thinks aviation is what? With all respect! If it wasn’t for the pressure from the community, you would have left it that way…

Anyway, that’s it, please take more care of the aircraft DETAILS. Thanks for listening.


This is a really unfair claim. With all due respect, the errors that you cited do not impact the usability of infinite flight at all. I can see how they’re a bit annoying, and I agree that it would be nice if they were fixed.

But just look at what we’ve gotten in the past year. Aside from new aircraft, procedures at all airports worldwide have been added, VNAV is now on all planes that have an autopilot, V1 of clouds, buildings… the list goes on.

And, as Jason always says, staff and developers will listen to (and often respond to) constructive criticism. This is not constructive at all.

  1. I am very sorry that you are not satisfied with your simulator experience.
  2. We can’t always control things - they did it for the public pleasure.

To add on to Rob (great points by the way), a lot of these smaller details are nothing compared to the larger important issues such as an entire airport not loading! I think the design and development team is working very hard to hear constructive criticism. In the end, their job isn’t about doing the least amount of work possible, their job is to work in order to please the users! If you look at the support category, you will see that both Sebastian and Cameron are non-stop replying to people in order to ensure the best experience on infinite flight! If you want to alert the team to these issues to make sure it’s noted, feel free to make a #support topic and kindly note the issues. If you would like for something to be added, feel free to make a #features request. I am sorry you feel this way, but Infinite Flight is still improving every day and some issues need to be addressed before others!

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What other way do I have to say “Guys, these liveries are wrong, the cockpit camera is askew, the liveries are frosted”?
I’m not offending anyone, just talking about facts that “no one” has spoken openly.

On the part about loving aviation, I may have been elated and I apologize, but these are mistakes so clear to us that it is very difficult to understand why they happen.

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Instead of saying “These are mistakes that we cannot understand and end up getting annoying,” maybe try to be more positive by saying something like:

I have noticed a few issues that could be fixed to improve the quality of Infinite Flight as a whole:


I tend to fly with these airplanes and, throughout my time flying, I saw these issues and thought I would share to get them on the radar:


but you need to interpret what he said, affecting the simulator or not, they are ERRORS. And I believe that many like things 100% clear, all within the possible measures of those who develop the application

but look at the side, some of the things he cited were right, and went wrong after updates

then I ask you if it was right, because it was wrong all of a sudden and was never corrected?

Appreciation policy, no one needs to be grateful for something that is right when other things are wrong, this is not the subject.

quando é pra agradecer e elogiar acredito que muitos fazem, mas não poder reclamar por ter algo que não funciona da forma que deveria é totalmente errado.


I agree with you.

let’s see from the painting side, every update that we have a new plane has errors in the paintings. Users report to support and staff come to the topic, noting this as an interim issue. but we never see the fix, look at the B777 KLM Orange, it’s only been fixed now with EHAM 3D after users comment on IF’s social media

Now open the B77F on your device and look at their wheels

one has the main train with shiny black, the other has the shiny rear train, the other is 100% normal, because this is not corrected since it has already been reported and it is almost birthday there?

Another problem with 777F

Ethiopian and ANA with engine colors other than real, has been reported since launch

77LR Ethiopian spelling missing a dot in (i)

the most are small problems. I say one thing, in the end everything, however small, becomes a snowball.


So this really is a post about dotting the i’s …


For all we may know, a “glossy” B772 mightn’t have ever been intended, and seen as a bug. In most settings, a “glossy” livery will be around for 3-4 years, and is barely noticable in daylight unless the aircraft has just come out of the paint shop. the only time you’re able to see a glossy livery in real life, is when the aircraft is lit up at night. Which is also represented in Infinite Flight.

If I’m not mistaken, Laura had actually fixed this with the soft rework which was given to it. The positioning of the camera is well thought out. The Captain’s view is situated over the seat, at a height which I would agree is standard for a pilot in this cockpit. The HUD view, is situated whereabouts the HUD would actually be on the aircraft. That is, slightly above the captain and further forward, over the dashboard. The HUD also explains why the view is pointed slightly down, as the aircraft isn’t dead straight with the ground, and is slanted down a little.

Who knows? From a quick Google search it looks as though there are differing masks on different liveries on the 900neo, from what I could tell at least. So, it could be a “workaround” which wouldn’t delay the aircraft’s release, it could be a compromise because nothing can be perfect.

What must be kept in mind is the A320’s model is relatively old. So, newer liveries slapped on it can and may have issues. Especially because the issues are less likely to be picked up in the various stages of testing when the liveries are usually put alongside another feature which is going to get more attention.

I believe you’re talking about the changes made after the release to this specific livery? If so, the only thing I could say is this: at least they made the effort to make these three changes to the livery, to make it as perfect as can be.

Bottom line is: nothing is perfect, and nothing will ever be perfect. The team behind this app works hard to produce something to the best extent possible, allowing people like you and I to explore and showcase our passion for more than half the upfront cost of other sims, which can require you to buy even more as their development continues. Coding and development is also really tricky and it’s not as easy as what is perceived.


While all your claims are perfectly valid, this line alone is a huge disrespect to those who have put in their time to develop something remotely as close to the real thing, while remembering to work within the limitations that mobile devices present to them.

These are all minor mistakes which are far from game breaking, and speaking as a person who at one point left the Infinite Flight community because the game was literally unplayable, this is pretty pedantic. Yes, I agree that there are some changes needing to be made to make it closer to the real thing, and yes, it’s probably possible for the developers to do this in the near future. However, the important question is whether this good use of their time to fix minor details like these over further working on whatever new features or planes they may be planning on adding.

Not to mention while I hope these can all be fixed in time to come, I feel that it’s better to let the developers finish up on the big picture with buildings, better graphics engines and all that in the works before coming back to minor, non game-breaking issues. The game is far from being unplayable in the current state that it’s in.


It would be comical if it were not tragic

open the 772 ANA and open the 77W ANA

both with same month, same day and same time, take a picture of each, and tell me the difference. Since it’s the same paintings, if you can’t do that. Give me some time and I’ll look for something here at IFC related to this matte paint problem

The problem with the cameras he reported for you to see on your device there, open the 788 and then the 789, the camera on the 789 is looking down, while the camera on the 788 is correct

I disagree here, when it was released this paint had the right engine tracks, after an update it was the UNICO A320 that had this problem, it doesn’t make sense for the plane to be old or not

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If we’re just critiquing camera angles, the shades of paint on the engines, and whether a plane is glossy or matte… maybe it’s a pretty good simulator. Just sayin’.


All I’m saying is I’d much prefer accurate physics and flight planning over perfect camera angles and shading


Yes, the simulator is the best you have for mobile

But I would like to understand with your comment, where an error be it texture, angle, shadow, absent logos or any other wrong things are no longer errors but only criticisms.

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How be more positive, if have issues in the simulator it’s make birthday for be stopped for a long time

We make the the reports, 1 time, 2 times, 3 times and nothing… for heaven’s sake… Somes bugs were reported and they said will fix, and nothing, or it wasn’t a problem to look now, God of heaven’s

Some people have to stop to flatter the devs, and wake up, we’re clients, I pay for the service and I have the right to have something decent

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In any case… staff have been clear they’re open to criticism and will respond / act when practical. They’ve even been clear about how to do this — providing direct, objective feedback about issues.

Is there a topic about the 787 camera angles, either in #support or #features? If so, that’s the place to voice your concerns. If not… go make one. Same goes for matte liveries and everything else in the original post.

You’ll get much farther that way than you will by accusing folks who have dedicated a decade to flight simulation of “not loving aviation.”

I’ll link this as related reading: