Out With the Old, In with the New!

1) Background to the photos
Today, I decided to fly a simple flight from the Casual Server hub of London to the lonely gem of Frankfurt. I will never regret a moment of this flight.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Casual Server, 0030Z, EGLL-EDDF, Lufthansa A380
3) Photos

As we pushback at EGLL’s Queen’s Terminal, an Singapore Airlines A350 soars away in the distance.

Upon turning onto Runway 9R, I look on the map and see another plane is entering the ILS cone in the other direction. I am able to turn back onto the taxiway with plenty of time to spare.

As I wait to retry my takeoff, this is what I see…this A350 is fighting with a B747 for departure space!

I am finally able to leave the airport with no distractions, stunning the Casual Server noobs with an Expert Server takeoff.

I get the privilege to end the flight with a great butter at Frankfurt.

We are parked at our gate at Frankfurt Airport. Now, it is time to go to Downtown Frankfurt for some fun!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!




You wanna go?!

I’m just kidding (sort of). Those are some really nice shots!


That third photo be like 😂

Nice pictures!