Out with magic, in with sustainability - GOL unveils a stunning new special livery

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On the 18th of September 2023, GOL Linhas Aéreas revealed its newest, sustainability-themed special livery. The aircraft in question is a Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered PR-XMR, and wore a Harry Potter-themed livery for about a year (from early September 2022 to early September 2023), likely until GOL’s contract with Universal Studios expired. Most people probably thought the aircraft would be repainted into standard GOL colours, however the airline had other plans (and some really good ones for planespotters).

The bold green livery is a reference for the airline’s current and future sustainability goals, which include a partnership with Eureciclo, a reverse-shipping company to ensure that all of the recyclable waste generated on each flight is destinated to appropriate recycling facilities. GOL stated that if people enjoy seeing green forests and fields from above, they decided to spread that colour through the skies of all of its destinations, and want nature to stay that way. The airline also stated that for every plastic, paper, aluminum or glass containers discarded in flights, they’ll recycle two - significantly above the 22% required by Brazilian legislation currently.

The livery isn’t just a pleasant surprise on the exterior - as was the case with the previous Harry Potter livery, it features a custom interior as well, with the luggage bins and tray tables being painted.

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The aircraft also features two different paint jobs on each of its sides: the port side features massive #MeuVooCompensa titles, a campaign in which passengers voluntairily compensate their carbon footprint generated by each flight, while the the starboard side features tree drawings to transmit the message of environmental preservation.

Photo credits: GOL Linhas Aéreas

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What do you think about this new livery? Do you prefer the old Harry Potter livery or the new sustainability livery?


This livery looks awesome

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I. Love. It.

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W.O.W - this looks awesome!

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Noice. That’ll definitely stand out among their fleet

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I like everything outside the cabin, the inside is a bit of an eyesore - those tray tables are making me cringe.


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This is absolutely beautiful!

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Wow I love it!

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