Out to a beautiful Milan [Plus new YoutTube channel]

Ok so I’ve been wanting to create a YouTube channel and I thought why not start with one of my favorite routes EDDM-LIMC. I love approaching LIMC due to the Swiss mountains and the blue water. So today I have for you some pictures of that flight and the timelapse video of it to start my channel off strong!

Server: Expert
Time: Noon

At the gate loading up passengers


Cruising over the lovley Swiss Alps

Touchdown after an amazing flight

At the stand letting the passengers get off.

Here is the video. It does not have the best of quality due to my Ipad not wanting to upload the video to Icloud making me have to mail drop it

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and my video! Feedback is greatly appreciated.


Very nice! Your taxiing was very professional :)

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Just one thing, in real life the Lufthansa A320/19 parks at the closest gates, the one with fingers. But beautiful!

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Ok even though I love Milan I still don’t know that airport so much thanks I’ll do that next time.

Thank you I strive to bring as much realism to Infinite Flight as I can!