Out of Touch Thursday

I won’t like make another photo topic for a week or so since School is becoming tough and I need to go back to learn and work before flying and tomorrow I’m
going back to that building so here some photos for the day


All flights in Expert

Flying over Dallas to look over the event last night I was gonna add the atlanta one but limit to 10 photos exists

Taking off from Four corners New Mexico

Planning a short 757 flight while a A380 from LAX Lands

Landing in UIII After a domestic Aeroflot flight from Moscow

Heading from Zagreb to Skopje

Landing in Lazarote from Seville

Approaching Colombus Ohio

Departing Dallas love field

Taking off while a A350 mysteriously waits

That’s pretty much it for today for the morning (in the east coast) so I hope you have a good day


Very nice pictures!!

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Those are pretty nice ones, great job


If you don’t know about the first picture there was a groupflight event from atlanta to dallas which is hostef by misha (I think) so I usually fly over atlanta and dallas to see the event

@RoyalJordanian Thanks a lot all of you

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hey… I’ve seen this one before!


Really? It looks similar huh?

Definitely my favourite 😍😍😍


Thanks a lot!

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Beautiful photos!

I see that Southwest photo was from when I was controlling in the event at KDAL! Hope you enjoyed your flight!


Yea it was great being there

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Really enjoyed those pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

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Anytime hope you look over more soon.