Out of this world

Some views from space in the cockpit

Location: Space
Aircraft: A320

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Let me know your thoughts. I think I’m getting better at my cockpit shots 👌


Awesome pics how do you do that the hugest I’ve gone was 269,097 in an f22

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I think you go into like solo, and spawn in anywhere. Then you open up the menu tab where it says like weather, time, short final etc and leave it like that for five minutes. Then you open up the replay and let it play it out.


Nice pics! I didn’t know you can buy tickets to space, but ig there’s a lot of things I don’t know.

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Yep, that’s the way I alsways do!


Yeah guys, there are a few ways of doing it. I did it via the replay way

That was my space flight 😂 also in replay Mode


@Basilisk What happened to the world?😂

I was on 105349750ft 😅 the world textures are white on this altitude…

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I picked the 3rd one because the lighting that falls on the panel’s material is so surreal, yet eerie at the same time with that very black hint of space darkness in the shadows, it’s like looking at a real space craft photograph!


Did I hear Virgin Galactic?

Impressive pics, mate!

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Thank you!

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Thanks mate 👍

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