Out of the Frying Pan in to the Oven

After turning my back on the debacle that is TS1, I turned to the Expert Server for some pilot sanity… So much for airmanship on Expert Server… 😒

Announced his take off as I was halfway down the runway and then proceeded to do 300-400 knots under 10,000ft until he screamed passed me at 450kts on his way to 500+

Yes, I reported him. But seeing that the place is a ghost town now, there was no one else in the region to report him other than me.

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Those are just fools in the sky.


I would have never guessed in a million years how much this behaviour would p*** me off…but it makes me see red. 😂

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But it wasn’t really busy so. Usually fools like that shows up.


I was doing a 2 leg flight for Qantas Virtual, otherwise I would have been in a more populated region


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