Out of region flights

I dont know what to put this under. Did the devs change it so if you were in the pause screen flying in live the throttle didnt saty where i left it. Did the devs change it or did i do something. Wrong.

You’re not supposed to be flying out of the regions anyways. What’s even the point of flying out of a region.


XP!! Some people want it so bad, they’ll do anything to get hold of.

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Flying out of the region boundaries is not currently supported. It’s true that some users have found ways to work around this, but nevertheless it’s not recommended. It’s especially frowned upon when attempting to fly beyond the region boundaries when on the ATC Advanced server as it can create problems with ATC.

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I did it on playground server.

He said it creats problems for atc on advanced server i was on playground and it shouldnt matter on advacned cause theres no atcs

There are atcs on advanced and it still matters on the playground because there are atcs trying to learn. Use the free flight server for global flight or don’t do it

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“Global Flight” - not sure this is the appropriate term. More like spending time moving inside of a blank sphere with no references. Maybe flying isn’t the right term for it either. More like tapping the keyboard aimlessly while staring at a blank monitor.

I cannot see the appeal of flying outside of the regions when in IF. All of the appeal of flying is removed and it becomes an exercise in imagining you’re flying. I can do that without using a computer.

But go ahead, don’t let my “high bar” get in the way.

That said, my number one request for an improved IF, is flying between regions - where you can see them.