Out of range contact

It would be nice if Departure and Approach ATC would show whether a plane is in range to contact.

I’ve been told to contact departure 3 times when I couldn’t because I was out of range and it really gets me scared if I’d get ghosted even if I’m out of range.

If you’re being told to contact departure… aren’t you at the airport? What do you mean “out of range”?

You can also click the airport and switch to the list of open ATC frequencies and contact 75-100nm out.

Great idea! Are you talking about the Training Server I’m assuming?

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I’m flying to Heathrow from Copenhagen and I’ll soon be passing next to Amsterdam Schiphol. ATC is telling me to contact Schiphol departure when I’m not near it.

This is obviously training server. There’s nothing that will be done about this.


That’s a big L

This won’t happen on expert. It might happen on training server though.

That being said, there’s no point in this as you should contact approach when you are 50nm away and under 18,000ft.

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Yea I understand what your talking about. It has happened before to me on TS. You just have to wait till your closer.

You’re not in Schiphol’s airspace at cruise. ATC there obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing, because it’s TS. The best thing you could do is ignore them because you’re not in their airspace.

That’s what I’ve done. I’m in contact now.

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You won’t be able to see APP or DEP on the list until within a 65-55 nm range. If you’re out of that range, tune in option will be gray if you click on the airport in map.

If you’re on TS, you don’t have to be scared since they can’t ghost you. They have the ability to see how far out from the airport you are so it’s not your fault. Just wait until you’re in range and contact them after that.

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I 100% agree! I am flying into an airport and am instructed to contact atc but cant! I am than ghosted! I cant contact you!!

Thank God, I am now calm in TS.

You could chill on ES as well. I believe ATC on ES won’t spam you to contact them or threaten to ghost you when you’re clearly out of their range.

I mean the purpose of this ghost worry in TS is cos I’m already under a report from ES till next Monday and I don’t want to further it worse.

I’m just flyin in TS now to try not to get a report after Monday.

Well the reason I said you don’t have to worry is that ATCs in TS don’t have to ability to report or ghost anyone. Not to mention this is not your fault.

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