Out-of-interest question: Desktop Porting

Just out of pure curiosity, how hard would it be to port the iOS app to a Mac executable? I understand it would be extremely difficult for Windows, but I just want to know if it is a possibility (Not a question as to ask if its coming in a future update)

A article I read mentioned this and it originally sparked the idea:

I don’t understand what you are asking. Can you elaborate a bit more please?

I think he wants to know if it’s possible to make an iOS App compatible with MacOS and therefore of it’s possible to play Infinite Flight on a Mac.

There are no plans to make this happen so far but I’m sure it would be possible. There are many games out there that you can play on iOS and MacOS. But IF is and stays a mobile flight simulator as far as we know 😊

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As the new IOS and MacOs come out!

It has helped developers of apps to easier transfer an app from IOS to MacOs!

As we all know Infinite Flight have got a windows (computer) version of the app which is only used for testing , and as for now it will not be released to the public as I.F like to say they are a mobile simulator

So we technically w have got a pc version but it’s just not released to the public, so if ever they where to open up to the pc platform, it will be an easy transition

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What I meant is, is it possible to create a Mac app based off the app on the iPad. Some other apps and games have done it but I have never seen a big, open-world, multiplayer online game being ported.

The major issue with porting a flight simulator to a desktop is that it is very challenging.

A normal app for an example reminders runs by you tapping one button and another, which makes it porting to a desktop system much easier.

However, Infinite Flight is a simulator, which also means it involves heavy graphics processing and real time syncing to servers. In conclusion, it is really hard to port a simulator directly to a desktop operating system despite Apple releasing a new programme for developers.

For the time being, if you want to mirror your phone’s screen to your desktop you can do so by connecting via a cable, but that is no where as directly flying or using Infinite Flight on a desktop.

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