Out Of Curiousity: How are the Conditions in the cargo hold?

Hot air balloon. Jk.


Both, military and then commercial.


Are you allowed to say what airline. What aircraft do you fly?

The cargo bins are fun places to take naps 😛 In all seriousness, especially in the winter they come in pretty cold.


Have you been in cargo hold on a moving plane before?

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Have many hours in the cargo hold of the old C-130. Temp ok, but noisy.


like to fly free truth?

LOL, are you planning to stowaway in a cargo hold? 😂


Where did you get this idea? The human mail challenges on YouTube?


Not only that but there’s also people who have animal alergies.

Granite it does get cold in there but they are certain bays that they put the animals in where it is warmer and certain bays that they put stuff that needs to stay frozen cause the bays get colder. There usually is lights down there but not very bright

I had to transport my dogs when I moved from the US to Germany Couldn’t leave them at home for 4 years. It’s not only to take pets on vacation.

E-3 AWACS forward and Aft lobes (where cargo would normally be on a 707) is cold as crap prolly 30-40F and it’s really loud there is a warning in our checklist that when u enter you must have ear pro on.

No of course not, but I was referring to the people who DO take them on vacation… Moving is another thing

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