Out Of Curiousity: How are the Conditions in the cargo hold?

In case answers depend of what airline, just tell what conditions are possible.


What do you mean, temperature? Usually pretty cold unless animals are on board, in which it’s still pretty cold.


Not just that. I mean Temp., Pressure, is the air in there what comes from/goes to the cabin, cleanliness, Noise etc.


It’s pressurized, but it doesn’t receive air from the cabin. Usually it has it’s own temperature selector.

It’s not clean at all, and there is a lot of noise.

Why people bring their animals in the cargo hold is over my head. That’s animal cruelty…


Yes. But can’t they just let pets come along in the cabin? The airline just has to sue the owner for any damages if they have the right.

I just realized that some pets are too big to fit in pet carriers which fit in that space under the seat in front of you. So the only option? Two words: Cargo Hold.

A tiny change: so the only option if you have to bring your pet along? Cargo Hold


No, there’s one more: keep it at home. Get someone to look after it. Why would you bring your animal on vacation anyways? It’s not like it’s gonna enjoy it more than it does at home… And there have been SOO many cases of animals either dying, gone into shock, lost their hearing or suffer PTSD from flying…


Oh. Didn’t realise that.

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Well that’s something new I learnt!


You can get PTSD from all traumatic events.

Think about all the shaking, G-forces, turbulence, NOISES (dog hear about 7 times as good as we do), temperature (really cold in there), and that it’s pitch black…


Look at this video if you wanna see how dogs with PTSD behave… Not something I’d voluntary expose my dog to…


It’s not really cold, there are different areas to store cargo and usually it can be room temperature. They will be fine

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Room temp? No. Maybe 15 degrees celcius.

And What about the other things? You still think They will be fine?

Yes I do, thousands do it. And it should be room temperature at 20* centigrade. 15 degrees is still not extremely cold for most breeds anyway and you of all people should know that there are different cargo areas for animals, and it’s heated to room temperature

There are three cargo holds, Yes - but it varies from airline to airline how warm it is there. But that doesn’t make up for the noise and motion.

Okay that’s another matter though, that going off topic. The airline will be keeping a storage area with animals at room temperature if the follow policy if not then they are liable.

The NOTOC (Notice to Captains) tells us what is in the cargo holds and, in the event of livestock being loaded, which temperature selector to select to high.

If we have dogs, cats etc. in the hold then the temperature is regulated to around 22-24 degrees.


Are you a pilot?

For about 31 years now. :)


Wow! Commercial or military?

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