(Out of curiosity)What happened to Turbulent Tuesday?

Last time this question was asked, it was because someone were too lazy to check around, but I checked all over the Events category, and out of curiosity, I don’t ever participate in Turbulent Tuesday, but what happened? Is it in a different category? It’s not pinned, and it’s nowhere in the recently modified posts. If I’m wrong, I don’t want to be yelled at, “What is wrong with you?”, I could be wrong, I’m just saying I couldn’t find it, after searching. Don’t blame a soul about this.


This is why.


That doesn’t mean I don’t check out what’s going on every once in a while. Literally, it’s not there. The first time ever.

It’s hard to come up with different event ideas every week. Also it’s hard to keep up participation every week.

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With a lot of people in work/school on Tuesday, it makes it hard for a large attendance to participate. Save the ideas you had for Tuesday, and make them on Friday!

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It was a flawed idea. When ever I flew Turbulent Tuesday’s there’s not that much crowd. In facts at sometimes there were more followers flights in other regions and servers.

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