Out of control while away under centre

Will centre ATC ghost pilots who are away if the AP goes out of control?
Most of the time, going out of control is pretty obvious. I’m mostly concerned that when running out of fuel, some planes will drift down and it might look like a VNAV descent, and the result will be ghosted for descending without clearance.
I don’t want to have to use auto-power-off on my phone to stop the flight before it runs out of fuel…

No, it will just be like today if you were away.


We will see whether or not a pilot is at their device in the new update. If you are away from your device it will tell us how long. If there happens to be a mishap, I’m sure we will see it as an accident and not report.


im glad someone asked this. I was ab to just fly in training server

Can ATC tell if you are out of fuel vs a VNAV descent? I have ran of of fuel when asleep once and the plane actually glided down, on AP, all the way until crashing. (I guess ATC can tell that GS is too slow)


Poor planning is not an excuse if you are interfering with others.

As drummer said ATC will be able to see if you are active or not.


Center ATC makes it much more likely for what was a violation to turn into a ghost though, which is why I’m even asking.

It will all be covered in the tutorials. They will be able to see if you are active or not. ATC are not looking for reasons to give level 2/3 violations out.


Poor planning in IF is the player’s problem, unable to return to your device until it runs out of fuel is probably not the player’s problem

If you are away and run out of fuel we will watch as you sadly fall to your death, but if you’re active we’ll try to help.


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