OUT of Bangkok | 17DEC22


So for people who have not understood the title, the OUT of Bangkok event is a fly-out hosted by @Generic_Flyer . The fly-out is based in VTBS, or commonly known as “Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport” (Properly pronounced Suv-aana-pume) is the main international airport in the Bangkok area of Thailand. And yes. I did say main. Don Mueang Airport (VTBD) still serves some low cost international operations today!

Event Info

The server is of course, expert server as stated in the tags.

The time will be

Sadly, I could hardly make it to my event as I would be traveling that day but I trust all of you to make this event the best!

Event rules and recommendations


  1. If ATC is not active, please properly use unicom or as it is called now, traffic.
  2. If ATC is active, please follow all their commands as per Expert Server rules.
  3. Please adhere to all ATIS info. This includes the runways and departure and arrival information. If ATC and ATIS is not active, use FlightRadar24 to see which runways the planes use.
  4. Please spawn at your assigned gate only! Ask @Generic_Flyer if you need to change your gate.


  1. Find routes from FR24!
  2. Please find a gate and route you are confident in since I can not change it at the last moment. Please ask for a gate change about 2-3 hours before the event!


Please note that some gates will not be listed as there is a possibility of low attendance. Eventually I will add more if there is demand

A Concourse | Domestic | Gates A1-A5

Gate A1 | VietJet (Generic) A320 | Nakhon Si Tammarat (VTSF) | Not reserved
Gate A2 | VietJet A321 | Chiang Mai (VTCC) | Not reserved
Gate A3 | VietJet A321 | Phuket (VTSP) | Not reserved
Gate A4 | VietJet (Generic) A320 | Hat Yai (VTSS) | Not reserved
Gate A5 | VietJet A321 | Chiang Rai (VTCT) | Not reserved

B Concourse | Domestic | Gates B1-B6

Gate B1 | VietJet A321 | Krabi (VTSG) | Not reserved
Gate B2 | Thai Smile A320 | Phuket (VTSB) | Not reserved
Gate B3 | VietJet (Generic) A320 | Khon Kaen (VTUK) | Not reserved
Gate B4 | VietJet A321 | Udon Thani (VTUB) | Not reserved
Gate B5 | VietJet (Generic) A320 | Surat Thani (VTSB) | Not reserved
Gate B6 | Thai Smile A320 | Krabi (VTSG) | Not reserved

C Concourse | Domestic | Gates C1-C5

Gate C1 | Thai Smile A320 | Chiang Rai (VTCT) | Not reserved
Gate C2 | Thai Smile A320 | Chiang Mai (VTCC) | Not reserved
Gate C3 | Thai Smile A320 | Surat Thani (VTSB) | Not reserved
Gate C4 | Thai Smile A320 | Hat Yai (VTSS) | Not reserved
Gate C5 | Thai Smile A320 | Loei (VTUL) | Not reserved

D Concourse | Domestic | Gates D1 - D4

Gate D1 | Thai Smile A320 | Udon Thani (VTUB) | Not reserved
Gate D2 | Thai Smile A320 | Ubon Ratchathani (VTUU) | Not reserved
Gate D3 | Thai Smile A320 | Nakhon Phanom (VTUW) | Not reserved
Gate D4 | Thai Smile A320 | Khon Kaen (VTUK) | Not reserved

D Concourse | International | Gates D5 - D8

Gate D5 | Swiss 777-300ER | Zurich (LSZH) | Not reserved
Gate D6 | Thai 777-200ER | Singapore (WSSS) | Not reserved
Gate D7 | JAL 787-9 (JL708) | Tokyo Narita (RJAA) | Not reserved
Gate D8 | ANA 787-9 | Tokyo Narita (RJAA) | Not reserved

E Concourse | International | Gates E1-E10

Gate E1 | Turkish A330 | Istanbul (LTFM) | Not reserved
Gate E2 | ANA 787-9 | Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) | Not reserved
Gate E3 | Thai A350 | Ho Chi Minh (VVTS) | Not reserved
Gate E4 | Asiana A380 | Seoul Incheon (RKSI) | Not reserved
Gate E5 | EVA 777-300ER | Taipei (RCTP) | Not reserved
Gate E6 | Korean Air 777-300ER | Seoul Incheon (RKSI) | Not reserved
Gate E7 | Thai A350 | Tokyo Narita (RJAA) | Not reserved
Gate E8 | Thai 777-200ER | Osaka Kansai (RJBB) | Not reserved
Gate E9 | Thai 787-8 | Seoul Incheon (RKSI)| Not reserved

F Concourse | International | F1-F6

Gate F1 | Thai 777-200ER | Chennai (VOMM) | Not reserved
Gate F2 | China Airlines A350 | Taipei (RCTP) | Not reserved
Gate F3 | VietJet A321 | Hanoi (VVNB) | Not reserved
Gate F4 | VietJet A321 | Ho Chi Minh (VVTS) | Not reserved
Gate F5 | JAL 787-9 | Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) | Not reserved
Gate F6 | JAL 787-9 | Osaka Kansai (RJBB) | Not reserved

G Concourse | International | G1-G5

Gate G1 | Emirates A380 | Dubai (OMDB)
Gate G2 | Emirates 777-300ER | Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate G3 | Cathay Pacific A330 | Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate G4 | Lufthansa A350 | Munich (EDDM)
Gate G5 | Qatar 777-300ER | Doha (OTHH or OTDB)

Sadly I can not fit all the routes for the airlines in this event which I apologize for.

If you are going, please click going on the event page below.

Hope you can join!



Bumping this event a bit, we have about a month left and all the gates left.

Just in case you did not know since you recommended checking FR24 for flights (I assume for realism) Emirates send their A380 for this route and Cathay send their A350-900/1000, sometimes B777-300ER


I know I do not mind the planes but the routes.

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Ah, okay, understood.

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Well my last reason was rushed but the more in depth was that I put the FlightRadar suggestion because I originally wanted to make this a event where people choose their own routes but then I changed my mind. The Emirates thing was from memory that I saw the last time I went there and saw it on FR24. Thanks for pointing it out though!

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Thank you for the clarification, completely understand, no worries!

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