Out NOW! InfiniteCheck (Android): Integrated audio Check-list

I was looking for a video about it…
Will be great if there is a video introducing it or something :)

When will this come out on IOS? And will it have a fixed one time fee?

Can we get a YouTube video of it in action? Also, will it function with multiple 3rd party apps running for IF?

I’ll definitely try this out!
You can use this with another device right?

So, I haven’t fully tried it, but 5 ads might be a lot. Would 3 be ok?
Also, I promise you, the people in this community would be happy to pay a full up-front price for a good app. Since you’re in beta right now (I think), it might kinda make sense to make the revenue ad based. However, once you have the final version, I would recommend making it a up-front price.
We payed for Infinite Flight, and most of us will understand. We won’t complain.
Also, could there be an option to have a sort of drop down menu to see the list in each catagory?

When will this be out on IOS

For me your app has everything of a good third party app except for one thing: the ads. When I use IF third party apps, I don’t want to spend more then two minutes setting them.
I would prefer to pay for the app than to watch 5 ads every time I want to play IF.
Except for the ads I love your app. Keep developing it!

VirtualHub also has a checklist with sound (and lot more flightplanning etc…) and it is on IOS available, so for the IOS users: there is already a checklist with sound for IOS.

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Does the virtual hub checklist appear on the IF screen or do you have to run it on a seperate device?

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Well if i have to watch 5 ads every time i want to use the checklists, i’m gonna uninstall it right away. Since i am often flying, while being out, in the train or car and I use my mobile data, these vids will take down my high speed data limit asap, although i have 4 GB…

Try and use the full term ‘you’ to make it look more professional!

Otherwise, great idea!