Out NOW! InfiniteCheck (Android): Integrated audio Check-list

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Do you want to make Infinite flight more realistic? Introducing InifnteCheck, integrated audio check-list that ads additional realism for flight simulator Infinite Flight.

InifinteCheck is designed for Infinite Flight. when downloaded InfiniteCheck, InfiniteCheck will overlay infinite flight and allow u to perform a detailed sound check-list, and yes sound, a sound will play at each category of infinite flight check-list to make sure u are ready to fly Infinite Flight.

InfninteCheck is divided into 8 categories
-Prestart Checklist

  • After start-Taxi
  • Before Take-off
  • After Take-off
  • Approach, Final
  • After Landing
  • Parking
  • Shut-down

Well, what are you waiting for? Download InfniteCheck now and make your flying experience more enjoyable and realistic! :)


I just downloaded it! I love it! Thank you so much! :D

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I am happy u like it:) Dont forget to give a five star review:)

Good luck on your way!


Of course! I am going to tell my friends about it! :)

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Thank you for suggesting this :)


In my oppinion, it’s not really suitable for me. I love the app, it’s just everytime i watch 5 ads and close out the checklist … I have to watch another 5 ads to view it again. I am not a fan of that. Besides that your app great!


Well, It takes time to make these apps, so its just a way of supporting further development. But why do u always close it? Keep it open

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Its not just closing it. If you watch five and go back to the menu it will ask you to watch five every time

I get that you get credit for all the ad watches, but 2 and a half minutes is a little overboard for me. At this point you just look greedy in my opinion. I’d rather pay $1.99 once to not watch videos every time or have a subscription.


I couldn’t agree more 5 ADS! That is WAY too much that is like Fox network level!

People, If it was paid u would complain about the cost. When I make the app free u still complain, I am sorry but please respect my time for making this app for u guys. It’s not simple. Just make the most out of it.

I complained about 99 cents a month subscription. An up front fee is much more realistic. I get you want compensation for your time but you have to consider how the ads play into the usability of the app.


Thanks for suggestion Will make this feature available in the coming update

That was for beta, the subscription was not suitable for us

I look forward to seeing it available on IOS and when it does come out on IOS I would suggest a fixed price for the app. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Other than the 5 ads every tine (which led to me uninstalling it) the app is great. A one off fee would be more up my street, or maybe 1 add every time.

5 ads is absolutely mental.

Is it the same checklist for every aircraft? Although I don’t have the app I would personally prefer to pay for the app when I download it than watch 5 ads. I think you could also make more money from having it paid rather than having 5 ads every time you use it.

About and help Buttons don’t work, this is pretty much a money making machine in the long term.

@Cameron this is how you do business, great model. ;)

One Question: Are you using Admob?


100% sarcastic about this part:


So then I’m assuming that this app is a ripoff. Got it thx for the review dush

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