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Mobile Yoke and Joystick for iPhone

If you’ve ever wished you could fly the infinite skies while controlling your plane from an affordable and simple, yet realistic-feeling yoke or joystick, then look no further!

We’ve developed and tested this app with the help of real-world pilots, and now it’s your turn to take it for a spin.

Fly-by-Wire uses Infinite Flight’s Connect API to send and receive commands from the simulator. Fly-by-Wire allows your phone to function as a yoke or joystick, along with a full set of flight controls. Simply turn it on, connect it, and off you go.

What’s Included


The Yoke setting features all the commands you could need to safely fly your plane from a separate device. These include:

  • Accelerometer-based pitch and roll

  • Throttle control (with reverse thrust)

  • Flaps

  • Spoilers

  • Lights

  • Short-press to cycle camera and long-press to cycle the HUD

  • Cockpit camera movement

  • On-screen rudder

  • Gear

  • Brakes

  • Stick-shaker stall-warning

  • Automatic autopilot activation in case of a disconnect


The Joystick setting is more simplistic, but it allows for an unprecedented variety of flight; devoting one hand to the flight controls and leaving the other free to tend to on-screen actions.

  • Accelerometer-based pitch, roll, and yaw

  • Brakes

  • Short-press to cycle camera and long-press to cycle the HUD

  • Cockpit camera movement

  • Stick-shaker stall-warning

  • Automatic autopilot activation in case of a disconnect


  • Download and install Fly-by-Wire on a compatible iPhone

  • Download and install Infinite Flight on a separate device

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

  • Run Infinite Flight. Make sure Settings -> General -> “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is checked.

  • Open Fly-by-Wire. Within 10 seconds, a message telling you that you are connected to Infinite Flight should appear.

How to use the Yoke
  • Hold the device horizontally in both hands, in a traditional yoke-like fashion.

  • Move the device to get a feel for the accelerometer pitch and roll.

  • Buttons can only be pressed when they are allowed. If you’re on the ground, or in a plane with no spoilers, these buttons won’t work.

  • Reverse thrust only toggles when you are on the ground with the throttle at 0. Advance the throttle with reverse enabled to reverse.

  • Touch and drag on the camera to move the view. Tap once to cycle views, tap and hold to toggle the HUD.

  • Have fun!

How to use the Joystick
  • Hold the device vertically in your right hand, with the volume buttons facing away from you.

  • Move the device to get a feel for the accelerometer pitch and roll.

  • Touch and drag on the camera to move the view. Tap once to cycle views, tap and hold to toggle the HUD.

  • Have fun!


@DeerCrusher – Pilot and IFC Moderator

I truly believe folks will enjoy using Fly-by-Wire and will have fun with it. It adds a new sense of realism especially when using the joystick function.

@Trio – IFATC Officer and Trainer

Fly-by-Wire is an amazing addition to anyone’s Infinite Flight setup. It adds an extra dimension to the sim that you didn’t know you were missing.

@CaptSnilloc – IFATC Specialist

Fly-by-Wire adds more realism to your sim experience. To those who always long for more realism, this will be a great app to add to your simming experience.

@JoshFly8 – IFATC Supervisor and Trainer

Fly-by-Wire offers a unique opportunity to experience Infinite Flight in a different way. Free from the need to be at your primary screen at all times, this app allows you to kick back and enjoy flying without your aircraft running awry of control.

Availability and Pricing

Fly-by-Wire is available for $1.99 on the App Store.

More information

For more information such as Setup and Tutorials, Contact Information, and Pricing, visit us at our website or at flybywire.app.

Thank you

I want to extend a huge thank you to @Cameron. Without his help, advice, and answers to my endless questions I would not have made it half as far as I have.

I also want to thank my beta team (@Laura, @Cameron, @Tyler_Shelton, @MishaCamp, @JoshFly8, @GHamsz, @AdamCallow, @RAH, @THE-OP, @DeerCrusher, @Levet, @Dillon_Lewis, @Trio, and @CaptSnilloc). They’ve been providing great feedback throughout the whole process of building this app and have been incredibly helpful.


I first got the idea for this app over the summer. I’m a glider pilot, so I’ve only flown aircraft that have control sticks – never a yoke. Flying on Infinite Flight while using a tablet or phone is amazing, but it wasn’t what I was used to. With no knowledge of networking or Swift, and only two semesters of computer science under my belt, I set out to build a mobile joystick.

I’ve learned a ton along the way. A lot of it was about programming, but I’ve also learned a ton about planning and what it takes to actually make an app. This idea has changed plenty since I began – initially I was only going to build a joystick, the idea of a yoke hadn’t crossed my mind when this entered beta. It’s been a lot of fun getting to this point, and I can’t wait to see where it goes after this!

Recommendation for yokes
IFJoy - A free, full fledged joystick and controller for IF(mobile app)(open source)
Yoke add on?

I’m definitely going to test this out, maybe I’ll make a little phone case shaped like a yoke.


Will this also come on android?


Do you have to be close to the other device for it to work? Or could I have my iPad at home for example and control the plane from the waiting room at the dentist’s.

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Is it on the app store? I cant find it.

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I purchased this , I look forward to testing this out as this can definitely help me out in some scenarios when I don’t want to hold the heavy iPad Pro.

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It’s out just type in flybywire ,

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I’d like it to eventually, but I don’t think it will come anytime soon.

Both the device running Fly-by-Wire and the device running Infinite Flight need to be on the same WiFi network. So while you couldn’t run it from your dentist’s office, you could use it from across your house. That would be touch without seeing the screen, though.

Thank you! I’m hoping it’ll help in just that scenario, as tablets seem to be getting bigger and bigger.


Your welcome thanks for this great app your definitely gonna get my 5 stars it works flawlessly so far I love it and especially for GA flyers such as myself this is the tool your gonna want !

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Are you able to leave the app in the background so you can use other apps like YouTube?


How does the reverse thrust work? Is it like a spring like IF or is it manual or activated?


You should have Fly-by-Wire open when you’re using it. Once you turn on autopilot you’re free to do whatever you want with your other device.

Please note that IF will not default back to its own controls. If you turn off Autopilot without Fly-by-wire connected, IF will remember the input from Fly-by-Wire it last got, unless you “restore defaults” in Settings -> Controls.

Touchdown, throttle to idle, toggle reverse, then advance the throttle. This will increase the amount of reverse thrust.

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So realistic. Downloading this when I get home and Using it. I’ll use it for the NCS VA Photo shoot.


Wow! I saw this a while ago and thought it was cancelled due to the topic being closed. I can’t wait to try this out tonight. I have no idea if this is actually possible but on the joystick it would be super cool if the volume buttons controlled the throttle, or if that isn’t possible a throttle slider on the very right of the screen. I usually use In-Flight Instruments, but on this I would have it as a swipe over on my iPad, making using the Infinite Flight Throttle inconvenient.


Will the sensitivity in the app assume the sensitivity settings from IF?


You can adjust the sensitivity in the control settings after you connect FbW to IF.


Great app, it’s much more stable now for me to hand fly the aircraft. Some feedback though:

There should be a way to pushback from the device, whether the Rev button is used for this function once below a certain speed or another button is created it would be a great addition.

The camera views should switch between all the various ones, I myself use the tail cam so I can’t swtich between that and the cockpit view while on approach because I will have to touch my iPad screen. I do like the ho,ding down function though and his that adds/removes parts of it such as the map and HUD.

Trim could also be added to the page otherwise you will also have to use the iPad to adjust this aswell.

Finally the camera view button could be made smaller in my opinion and engine controllers on/off would be another great feature.

Apologies for the vast suggestions but this is just my opinion, take it as you will.


I agree it could use a few things such as trim, different camera angles, and pushback , however for its first release I’m blown away with this and it is going to save a ton of money for pilots who don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for a joystick. In time, this is going to be the app no doubt . Good work all around though for what it can do and it’s very precise . Happy flying!


Can you connect 2 iPhones to 1 tablet? Shared cockpit? 👀


Now I must spend money to by iPhone 🤣

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