[Out Now] Fly-by-Wire 2.0 | Mobile Yoke and Joystick for iOS



Mobile Yoke and Joystick for iPhone

If you’ve ever wished you could fly the infinite skies while controlling your plane from an affordable and simple, realistic-feeling yoke or joystick all while keeping the mobile experience, then look no further!

We’ve developed and tested this app with the help of real-world pilots, and now it’s your turn to take it for a spin.

Fly-by-Wire uses Infinite Flight’s Connect API to send and receive commands from the simulator. Fly-by-Wire allows your phone to function as a yoke or joystick, along with a full set of flight controls. Simply turn it on, connect it, and off you go.

What’s Included and What’s New in 2.0

Our 2.0 update is almost here! This update takes advantage of Infinite Flight’s new API to bring performance increases and new features utilizing many new commands and endpoints to bring you the best experience possible.

New Features/Improvements Overall:

  • Reworked accelerometer backend
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Haptic Feedback (for buttons and hard landings)
  • Faster response rates
  • Numerous crash fixes

New Features for Yoke View

  • Autopilot panel allowing you to change and activate autopilot
  • ATC panel allowing you to send ATC commands 1-10 directly
  • Trim
  • Rudder Adjustments: The initial grab is now the zero point, like Infinite Flight
  • Rudder Braking: Drag down on the rudder to activate brakes
  • Responsive throttle: Fly-by-Wire’s throttle follows Infinite Flight’s
  • Engine Start/Stop Interface
  • Pushback Button
  • Improved Spoiler Interface

What’s Included


The Yoke setting features all the commands you could need to safely fly your plane from a separate device. These include:

  • Accelerometer-based pitch and roll
  • Throttle control (with reverse thrust)
  • Flaps
  • Spoilers
  • Lights
  • Short-press to cycle camera and long-press to cycle the HUD
  • Camera movement
  • On-screen rudder (with drag-to-brake)
  • Gear
  • Brakes
  • Automatic autopilot activation in case of a disconnect
  • Autopilot panel
  • ATC panel
  • Trim
  • Individual engine start/stop
  • Pushback toggle


The Joystick setting is more simplistic, but it allows for an unprecedented variety of flight; devoting one hand to the flight controls and leaving the other free to tend to on-screen actions.

  • Accelerometer-based pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Brakes
  • Short-press to cycle camera and long-press to cycle the HUD
  • Cockpit camera movement
  • Automatic autopilot activation in case of a disconnect


  • Download and install Fly-by-Wire on a compatible iPhone
  • Download and install Infinite Flight on a separate device
  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Run Infinite Flight. Make sure Settings -> General -> “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is checked.
  • Open Fly-by-Wire and press Reconnect. Within 10 seconds, a message telling you that you are connected to Infinite Flight should appear.
  • Configure axes in Infinite Flight > Settings > Controls


@DeerCrusher – Pilot and IFC Moderator

I truly believe folks will enjoy using Fly-by-Wire and will have fun with it. It adds a new sense of realism especially when using the joystick function.

@Trio – IFATC Supervisor, IFATC Education Group Founder and Writer

Fly-by-Wire is an amazing addition to anyone’s Infinite Flight setup. It adds an extra dimension to the sim that you didn’t know you were missing.

@Balloonchaser – IFATC Trainer/IFVARB Board Member

Fly-by-Wire changes the way that you view Infinite Flight! This 3rd-Party app enhances the user experience of Infinite Flight by allowing the user to take a step away from their primary device and monitor and change their flight from across the house! Truly worth the money!

@Transport_Hub – IFATC Specialist/IFVARB Board Member

This is an app I never knew I needed! Fly-By-Wire effortlessly connects to Infinite Flight so I can experience the thrill of realistically hand-flying aircraft without the need for using a physical control column. It was well worth the money.

Availability and Pricing

Fly-by-Wire is available for $4.99 on the App Store.

More Information

For more information such as Setup & Tutorials, Contact Information, and Pricing, visit us at our website or at flybywire.app.

Thank You

  • I want to extend a huge thank you to @Cameron. Without his help, advice, and answers to my endless questions I would not have made it half as far as I have.

  • I also want to thank my beta team for providing great feedback throughout the whole process of building this app.


Hello, I am a user of Fly By Wire, I just bought the app, the app is not able to find my infinite flight device, the app even didn’t ask for permission to access my local network on iOS 14

Same here!!!

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Hi there - I’ve just downloaded the app on iphone7. No connections on iPad yet. Is it “up and running” yet or am I a wee bit premature? 🤗🖖.

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Hello! Are the two devices connected to the same WiFi network? They won’t be able to connect if not.

Version 2.0 isn’t out yet. I trust Tom will edit the topic title to indicate when that occurs. Stay tuned- it’s worth the wait!

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It looks like you and @CalvinV01 are a little premature. Version 1.0 doesn’t support iOS 14, but version 2.0 will once it’s out. I’ll update the thread here accordingly. Stay tuned!

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Ah ok - perhaps the app should not have been released until everything was up and running then. You did state that the app was available at the App Store now for £4.99, but you didn’t tell everyone to wait until it was working. Good job I’m not hard up for a fiver!!! 🤗. Nonetheless, can’t wait - should be good fun. 🖖🍀

It shouldn’t be a long wait, if that’s any consolation :)

The current version worked before iOS 14, so nothing was released that didn’t work. We just need to catch up — your patience is appreciated! Safe landings 🛩

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Good luck…🍀🖖.

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I’m happy to announce that Fly-by-Wire version 2.0 is now available on the AppStore!


Hi bro, you did a great job. I think there will be many people who need it ;)

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Bumping this – be sure to check out Fly-by-Wire 2.0 this week!

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Love this app! So useful!! Just a niggling little point though; It’s probably not possible, but any chance of a future version having ATC messages flash up with commands? Most of the time during flights my iPad sits up in another room and I’m usually flying during my normal working hours

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, there is no way to get ATC messages with Connect API, you can only get the names of the buttons and send commands to press a certain button (Only buttons 1-10)

Great addon!! But I have no enough money to buy this…

That’s a shame. Only it seems to be something worth implementing from the IF side given that apps like these are designed to permit remote control from just about anywhere so long as you’re on the same network. Case in point; when doing a live-streamed flight on some platform you’re not going to want to be touching the device and bringing the HUD and status bar up all the time

This app is underrated , if you have an old IOS device laying around this is a must have . There is a feature where you hold your phone vertical and use it as a joystick , I was able to attach the phone to an actual joystick and so far it’s working pretty good .


@JesterA300 Is it stable and controllable?

I had some issues with the app loosing connection in longer flights , but was able to reestablish connection right away , besides that the response is pretty good very little lag , and also you don’t need to assign axis and buttons it’s preassigned , turn it on and fly . I have tried live flight connect and map connect but they are unpredictable , so far I’m enjoying fly-by-wire .



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