Out and Back, AA Style!


Today I participated in an event made by @PlaneCrazy, the AA Eagle out and backs (Link at bottom of topic)! The event was super fun, loys of people attended. It was like the chaos CLT regional flights are, with so many planes, it’s a mess sometimes. But this event ran perfectly.

I was flying a CRJ 200 from Charlotte (KCLT) to New Bern (KEWN), a short but fun 45 minute hop. A nice little plane the CRJ-700 is, it served me well on my two flights. Here are some photos from the event.

The tail of my CRJ-700 reflecting the morning sunlight while @Lucas_Brien sits behind me preparing his flight with his CRJ9.

There were several others on the other side of concourse E, @Luke_Sta, @Gtmkm98, @David_Mullen just to name a few. By now we were just finishing up our preparations for our flights.

In the takeoff line, I am waiting behind @Niccckk, while @Captain_Awerty and I believe @jake wait to takeoff behind me.

In this photo, @Niccckk and @Gabe_Z preform a parallel CRJ-900 takeoff from CLT outbound to their regional destinations.

Well on my way to New Bern, I took this photo while turning towards my next waypoint heading while cruising at 20,000 feet.

Passing over the threshold of runway 4 at New Bern, on my way to a not so great landing. There was 14knot winds at 300 feet, then at 50 feet, the wind suddenly disappeared, so even without wind, my bad approach set me up for a bad landing.

Luckily, after a 1.5 hour wait at New Bern, I was able to have a good takeoff. Here, I’m retracting my gear embarking on my flight to Charlotte.

After a stressful approach, (due to minimum fuel), I successfully landed at CLT airport. I was one of the first to touchdown back on Charlotte Asphalt, and I did go smoothly (butter). Huge Thanks to @IFATC_Andrew for getting me in quickly and safely.

Once I landed I met up with @Luke_Sta and the host @PlaneCrazy at Concourse E at CLT. Luke and PlaneCrazy are pictured here.

About 4 hours after the start of this awesome event, host @PlaneCrazy and his CRJ9 are sitting at the gate, with the tail of an American A320 sitting in the background.

Here is the like to this amazing event. Thanks @IFATC_Andrew, @PlaneCrazy and everyone associated with this event for making it so great.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and feel free to give feedback. I would like to say thanks you for viewing and have a great day!


It was a blast! Almost felt like I was at work! Dang, now I’m ready to get back in the jet and fly next week!

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Wow! Looks so fun! I wish I could’ve come. Plane & Pilot always makes such awesome events!

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Beautiful photos! Thanks for participating, we will be doing more of these soon!

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@Butter_Boi u should of pm me about this :( IM A DIE HARD AA FAN im feeling sick to my stomach at the thought I wasn’t there

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Hank you! Same here @IFATC_Andrew, felt like I was a real pilot already, but I’m not.
@haitianpilot44 @SB110, there might be an event soon of similar type.

This event was a blast!

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If I find another AA event, I’ll make sure to PM you. 😉

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Oh! That’s why KCLT was so busy!

I know, but some people with almost no experience showed up near the end. Thanks!

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pls do I would EXTREAMLY appreciate it!

Editing is a bit heavy in my opinion but the photos still look really nice!

The editing looks a little much on some too. I might edit it. Thank you!

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@IFATC_Andrew u gotta teach me the way man so I can one day fly for AA I would be really grateful

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You can PM him…

true… but what if he busy?

I saw you guys there looks like a fun event, but besides that these pics are awesome very cool 👍🏽😆keep up the good work I really like it ,my favorite has got to be the first one

Thank you @Armani_B! I knew you would see at least one of us.

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Gotta say that’s some amazing pictures and editing if you did edit them that is

I did edit them, thank you!

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