Our Top 5 A380 Routes!

They only put a certain amount of planes for the free version to convince people to buy pro because of more airplane and airport selection

I like it because it’s 12(ish) hours long, plenty of time for me to start my flight to cruise, go to work, and come home to almost TOD and land

To add to that, emirates A380 to Dubai is popular as well

Nice bro, i love it

Thanks Dan, I would personally recommend YSSY-WSSS-EGLL with Qantas

I would recommend EGCC-OMDB or vice versa. On approach the EGCC the runway is smaller than the standard big international airport runway ( especially 23R) so you might have to break heavier. Other than that I would recommend all A380 routes cos you fly the A380 and who doesn’t want that

Yea but its just not fair

I have a few a380 flights under my belt. Seem to not be able to fly in or out of egll on anything but the solo mode.sim keeps crashing.