Our Top 5 A350 Routes to Fly on Infinite Flight

Thank’s guys that’s what I was looking for.
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Is that a future FNF leak lol? 👀

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Another great one! Great work can’t wait to get the time after finals/midterms to fly these!

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Ohhh I’m surprised to see Sapporo in the list!

Thank you Infinite flight for featuring Japan :)

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I hope so!!!

For the Tokyo - Sapporo route, is it from Haneda or Narita airport in Tokyo?

Will definitely be doing WSSS - KEWR today, see you in the skies

I think using my A359 for making the lap of the Caraïbs with AirCaraïbes or Frenchbee

Infinite Flight has shared their Top 5, Truly Amazing, A Sight to Behold, A350 Routes, whereas, among the Top 5, I’ve flown 4/5, with SIN-EWR the only one on the list left for me to fly.

If I may, I’d like to share My Top 5 Routes to fly on the A350, as a suggestion, I believe these would be great to fly during the Holiday season, as we near in on Christmas once again and with New Year, 2020 — In the Horizon!

Top 5 Airbus A350 Routes for 2019 (Suggested by @Captain_JR)

Rank Airline Aircraft Route ICAO / IATA Average Flight Time
1st 🥇 Qatar Airways A351 / (A359 Often Times) Doha (Hamad)-Tokyo (Haneda) OTHH/DOH-RJTT/HND 8 Hours 50 Minutes
2nd 🥈 Lufthansa A350-900 Munich-Osaka (Kansai) EDDM/MUC-RJBB/KIX 10 Hours 30 Minutes
3rd 🥉 Malaysia Airlines A350-900 Kuala Lumpur-London Heathrow WMKK/KUL-EGLL/LHR 13 Hours 20 Minutes
4th Finnair A350-900 Helsinki-Nagoya (Chubu Centrair) EFHK/HEL-RJGG/NGO 8 Hours 50 Minutes
5th Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore-Moscow Domodedovo-Stockholm Arlanda WSSS/SIN-UUDD/DME-ESSA/ARN 10 Hours 30 Minutes + 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Why Fly Doha to Tokyo?

This flight holds a special place in my heart. HND-DOH was my first flight done IRL with the A359, and Qatar Airways often swapping out the assigned A350-1000 for the A359, makes it possible to fly this route in Infinite Flight, realistically.

Why Fly Munich to Osaka?

Prior to this route being introduced in Lufthansa’s network, Flight LH714/LH715 used to be flown by a B747-400 from Frankfurt to Kansai. Upon eliminating that route in late March 2019, it became impossible to fly to Osaka with Lufthansa, realistically, in Infinite Flight, till now.

Why Fly Kuala Lumpur to London?

Why not KUL to KIX, or KUL to NRT? Those routes are still being operated by the already, in Infinite Flight, existing A380, while it’s not been possible for a few years to fly to London Heathrow from Kuala Lumpur with MH. So fly it high, and land it low, explore and vast beauty of both cities, as they serve tourism and business side by side, from Asia to Europe, and vice-versa.

Why Fly Helsinki to Nagoya?

How come Nagoya is on your list JR? You could’ve gone to any place on earth, but why did-… Shhh. Nagoya, let me tell you, is one of the most underrated airports in Infinite Flight, agree? Additionally, upon Finnair receiving the A350, one of the routes where they first swapped out their old, and ageing A330’s. Finland and Japan share strong diplomatic bonds, and Finnair happens to be one of very few European Airlines to serve a quality flight to Nagoya. A city, located in Aichi Prefecture, and only less than an hour away from the buzzing cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Why Fly Singapore to Stockholm via Moscow?

Singapore Airlines is one of those airlines who see the benefit in an economical and customer service level, when serving a stop-over, to take part in two markets in one flight. SQ has multiple flights that will take you across the globe, with one stop at a beautiful country, along the way. SIN-DME-ARN, is one of those, and in the hope of International expansion, Arlanda Airport sees a profit from both tourism, but mostly a business standpoint, to have SQ fly there.

I Wish You A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year – Fly High, Fly Far Into 2020 🛫


That’s great!!!Our CIVA (China Airlines Virtual) will finish VARB! We have A359👀

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It would be from Haneda.

Haven’t played in a while, might actually consider purchasing Pro again since I’m on break. The new A350 looks gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to flying these routes.

I’d recommend Fiji to Los Angeles. Nice scenery out of Fiji. Unfortunately the Fiji Airways A350 isn’t in the sim, but any livery works.

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Awesome job!

Nice post, thanks.
There is also a short haul A350 route guide here:

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I’m so happy NZCH is there both NZQN and NZCH are two of the most beautiful airports to approach into. I also love watching the Cathay touch down so smoothly on 02 with the picture perfect alps beyond far.

All beautiful ideas! Hope to see more like this in the future!

MaxSez: I like these preferred route topics. I was most impressed with @Decan_O, “ Suggested Route’s 2019” item since his routes contained links to completed Flight Plan’s. Hopefully we’ll see more of these Topics and hopefully they’ll include route packages that lend themselves to user friendly Plan links. Bookmarked, Just sayin, Max

My limit is fly 15 hours, PVG to EWR.

Qantas Project Sunrise on a makeshift “A35K” 😅

This would still be a great flight to do even without the A35K, or the Qantas livery.

Who want’s to fly it with me? Hit me up