Our new idea

Hello IFC !

Today I am here to present to you on a idea the VirtualFlight team have been thinking of for some time. We are doing this to get the community’s feedback to this idea and decide if we are going to go forward with the project. Keep in mind none of this is actually completed or released.

I am here to present to you “Project CATC”

What does it stand for ?
Connected Air Traffic Control

Cool, what is it anyway ?
This is an initiative to create a third-party project to connect solo IF players and Air Traffic Controllers in a quick and streamline way.

How will it work ?
It will comprise of 2 parts.

Part One - The IF user’s part
The user downloads an app created by us. The user then goes onto IF solo and uses the app to connect to a “ATC server”. Once connected the user can go back to IF and start his flight as usual. Once connected the user could have voice conversation with the ATC offered by this third party app. Their flight data (location , speed , ect) will be transferred to our desktop software.

Part Two - ATC side
This software will be on desktop. The ATC controller can hop on their PC , select an ATC server of their choice and they will be connected to it. Once connected they can choose an airport to control. Multiple solo flight will appear on the panel at the same time, giving the impression that the controller is controlling a busy airspace but actually each user is playing on their own. Commands can thereafter be given by ATC to the users.

You can choose what you want to do if you enjoy ATC more, nice ! Download the desktop software and control !

Would you use this ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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More info will be posted along the line. Feedback will greatly I fluence our choice.


How would IF render the other aircraft in the same area in Solo mode?

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Looks cool, but how would that work out? IF can’t render multiple planes on solo, that’s why there’s multiplayer

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IF does not have to render anything .

Then what’s the point of ATC if there’s only one aircraft in the whole world 😂


Well the ATC controller controllable more than one plane. It’s only the Solo user who sees no own but he can still hear the other communications

was kinda hoping this was an ATC PC client where we could control via PC but either way interesting concept design best of luck

You would be able to control on your computer. Just not pro users.

I think it would be a tad strange when ATC is telling you to go around and there’s nothing actually in front of you if that makes sense (As an example or to hold when in game there’s nothing) Also weather! Everyone would have to set the same weather as there is not RealWorld weather button in Solo. I’m not sure about this one sorry.


So say loads is solo users use this new app. For the controller they all appear to be in the same world. All the solo users can still hear each others Comms they just can’t see eachother that’s all.

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Yes , I can agree that it would be a bit weird

Frankly, I don’t see the point of ATC if you can’t see any other aircraft… even if you can hear them.

Honestly sounds like a live bypass but either way good luck with the project

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@SF34 @g100m Okay thanks for the feedback ! This is why I am here either way !

@Dragos How would you handle the way weather would work across all platforms (being players/pilots) as for ATC to work everyone would have to have the same weather inputted. Or else which runways to use would be a bit tricky with people having different wind speeds, directions ect…

There’s something magic about seeing other players on Pro… when you remove that feature it kinda ruins the whole experience (my opinion).

But if this app was free, and some people would contribute to ATC, I think it would be a descent alternative for people who don’t use Pro

I must say I do like the idea as many people on the expert server crave more and more realism and ATC is one of the ways the can get even more realism by actually having proper voice commands that are used IRL by pilots.

(As you can see I’m slowly changing my opinion on this from my first reaction)

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We would most likely display the weather before connection and then check it using the IF API. Or even set it automatically if we can get that command added to the API.

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I love this idea, I sent you a pm about this maybe we can discuss it more there!

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Yes , exactly! There are some disadvantages such as not seeing other planes but I think the advantages outway them.