Our Neighbors came by!

I was wondering why the Air Force base got super loud yesterday!

(Two Russian bombers were intercepted west of Alaska’s mainland on Sept. 11, 2018. (NORAD))

The US Air Force launched F22s to intercept two Russian TU-95 “Bear”. On 11 September 2018, 1800 local two Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers were intercepted by two NORAD F-22 “Raptor” fighter jets. The bombers were flying north of the Aleutian Islands, and west of Alaska’s mainland, in the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone, said Maj. Andrew Hennessy, NORAD spokesman. The zone extends about 200 miles off the Alaskan coast, and is mostly in international airspace. “The Russian aircraft remained in international airspace and at no time did the aircraft enter United States or Canadian sovereign airspace,” Wednesday’s release said. It’s the second time this month that Russian aircraft have been intercepted in Air Defense Identification Zone, Hennessy said. On Sept. 1, two F-22 fighters intercepted Russian bombers flying in the Air Defense Identification Zone south of the Aleutians, NORAD said in a written statement.The aircraft were “intercepted and monitored” by the U.S. jets until they left the zone, heading west. The bombers didn’t enter Canadian or U.S. airspace, NORAD said.


Bear intercepts are cool (as long as that remain mundane).

As I’ve posted on here before, it’s cool to look at historical photos of US assets intercepting the Bear. Our planes evolve over time, but this beast stays the same


I wonder what the Russians were doing!

Were they just flying there just to fly there? Were they trying to do something or complete a mission? I wonder…

Testing the response time of the Raptors, both the US and Russia has been doing that for years


@Dubya Sure do miss those F-15s

Don’t forget about the other side of the pond where this happens regularly too!


I thought bear season was over🤔

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Not for the Cha… I mean Air Force!

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We only sit for certain occasions lol. Other times people come knocking on doors they have no buisness knocking on and we stand up to answer it 😁😂


Yes there has been some interceptions by the RAF of Bears recently, I think over the last weekend…

All the time mate, happens 2-3 times a month on average.

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Im kinda just waiting in our administration to start sending buffs to our neighbors side of the street lol.

They have been doing that for years lol We do the same thing to them

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Well deserved lol we could also show them some Spirit

Our bombers are so crazy looking 😣

Crazy looking yes,
awesome at the same time, yes (2x)


Also @Asneed8706



Well, but they looks very old. From 90s

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From Barksdale! 2 hours from my home town

That’s still good! If it works don’t fix it keep it flying lol

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