Our military needs some more love!

For starters, it would be awesome for more livery, and variant options for the F-14 and F-18(C,D,E)! Some squadron examples:
-VFA-11 Red Rippers
VFA-31 Tomcatters

VFA-103 Jolly Rogers

Anyone else think the same as I do? Although these are just USN jets, the military as a whole needs some love!!


This doesn’t comply with current feature request regulations, so it goes to general.

Firstly, one picture per request
Secondly, one feature per request

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As @Captain_DJ stated above, this topic does not comply with the guidelines for features requests. First off, Feature requests need to go in the Features category (I believe you can only post there if you’re above TL1 though). Also, only one photo per request is allowed. Lastly, only one feature per thread is allowed.

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