Our long awaited aircraft. A350 A359 A350ULR

I know its annoying to be saying this again. I know it’s been a while since the A350 came into service. I know FDS is doing as much as they can to make Infinite Flight as realistic as it could possibly be. To be honest we have been waiting for the A350 to be added to the game for a long time. I know most of us here wished it was added but it looks like it’s far from reach. I’m making a plea on behalf of myself and fellow pilots to FDS to at least listen to our request for the A350.

Happy Flying.


You can vote here!


There simply isn’t enough information to add the A350 family into the sim yet. They have stated this many times before, sadly. I think that they know how much it is wanted anyways… :)


Its been said before and now again.

There simply isn’t enough data for an accurate flight model. If the DEVS could get an a350 pilot right now, I’m sure they would start, but they don’t. Just vote on the request @Tnel linked and hope for the best. It will come when its ready.

Also, I’m sure the DEVS have much higher things on their priority list than the A350.


Like others have said, they (FDS) are in short supply of accurate data that they need to begin the A350 project. It will eventually come, but with time. We are sorry for any inconvenience that you have, and wish to have a great time in Infinite Flight!