Our Beautiful World Pt. 1 - Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

Hello! It’s been quite a while since my last series of photos from 100,000 feet so I thought I would begin another one. As the title explains, I will go to the most fascinating places on Earth and highlight them. Enjoy!

Server: Solo
Aircraft: C-130J


Wow that’s a beautiful picture! Great photos in general.

Wow, amazing photos. I do recall seeing this photo irl in a school assignment on glaciers haha

I see this place all the time whilst flying over the alps, very nice to see it from ‘down there’.


In all seriousness, these are some beautiful pics! Well done!

Fantastic pictures! I knew this would be great after reading ‘Aletsch Glacier’ and you definitely managed to even exceed my hopes. Thanks for sharing, really well done!

Some great (virtual) mountain scenes… Inspired to go and explore around there, thanks!

@PilotDog @Rian_OShea @JulianB @mcgregni Thanks!

@Aviation108 I may or may not have been in a 90 degree bank… 😂


Awesome pictures! So cool!😍

Allthough we dont see C130 often here in Switzerland, the pictures came great, love it😍

These photos are awesome! Well done.