OTT Airlines | MU5191 | Comac ARJ21-700 | Shanghai - Beijing

OTT Airlines is a recently established airline that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines.

OTT Airlines made its first flight on December 28, 2020. All the aircrafts currently are Comac ARJ21-700, but unfortunately I did not book the first flight ticket. However, I booked a ticket for January 1, 2021 and experienced this new airline.

Here are some pictures:

The cabin is very good and very clean. The cabin service is also very good.

The only big disadvantage is very noisy. Because the ARJ21 engine is rear-mounted, it is noisier than a normal passenger jet.

Of course, if you can understand Chinese, you can also click the link below to view the vlog I made :)

If there are many people who want to view the vlog, I can translate it into English and post it to youtube.

Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts ☺️

Have a nice day!


Nice job!!! OTT and ARJ-21 seems good lol

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Nice!! Hope Infinite Flight can add ARJ21!!

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I would love to see the English version! Also the plane looks like a mix of the A220/Superjet and the CRJs 😂 But great to see a Chinese plane succeed!

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