OTO’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A


This is my official tracking thread. I’m applying soon and will really value any feedback given. Do pop by when i’m open!



I’ll appreciate it if anyone is free to come down and do patterns at UUWW now


I had come with the callsign VT-JEL. Here are my observations:

  • N813EK’s transition was a little low, 3500 would have ensured sufficient separation between me and N813EK.

  • My exit command was a little late.

  • Another clearance isn’t required after a re-sequence, the first one still holds.

All good otherwise.

Thank you @Jet_Airways_995 and @Alpster for coming down today, appreciate your valuable feedback and hope to see you around soon!


I don’t really have anything to say really. Sequencing was pretty good but transition altitude could’ve been 3500.

Only thing is that exit runway command was a bit late at around 50knots. That’s all.

Pretty good overall!

Yep, agree with the transition and clearance problems. Does that mean that I should issue an exit runway command early, regardless of whether an aircraft is doing a stop and go?

Ok thanks, just wondering about the exit runway command though, because the manual says that it should only be issued below 70knts, does that mean that it’s fine to issue the command earlier and it isn’t such a big deal?

You’ll usually wait until you’re certain that the aircraft will be exiting the runway if they haven’t reported full stop. If they report full stop, you can aim to give the exit command around 60 knots.

ah okay thanks!

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