Othman_Asli Tracking thread (CLOSED) @LEPA

hello and welcome to my follow thread

Thanks to the ATC training team, I can prepare for the exam and become an expert IF controller

¿you want to help me?

It is easy.
When it is open at a frequency and you have time to fly, join me.
It would be very helpful if at the end of your flight you could tell me how I did it and what mistakes I can improve in the future

that is all.
thank you all and we will see you in sky.


hello im open in LEPA for 30 min or 1h thanks

I’ll be there shortly!

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  • Good landing clearances
  • First runway change good, used pattern entry correctly
  • Second runway change- If you were worried about me interfering with departures, could have told me to enter left downwind 24R instead of right downwind (The departures would have been long gone by the time I would have landed)
  • You don’t need to space departures that much - Once a departure has gone off the end of the runway you can clear the next one to take off
  • Correctly used the runway exit command

Overall good job, just need a little more practice.
Thanks, Callsign NOTBAD

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thanks for flying
thank you for your comments
See you next time :)

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