Othman_Asli’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

hello this will be my thread to prepare for the practical ATC exam
Information of where it will be open:

Training Time : N/A
Training duration: N/A

Location (ICAO): N/A
Server: Training

Training Objective: pattern work, runway changes and Transition Altitude.


I will be there doing some pattern work in a TBM

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Will drop by now

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i’ll join!

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Thanks for attending

Great job! You gave great instructions, your takeoff, cleared for the option, and runway change instructions, and exit instructions were perfect! I like how you gave the ‘check runway assignment’, that was good. Keep doing what you’re doing :)

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Nice job I was N127MP

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Can you control my flight in about 25 minutes

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I’m sorry but in 15 min I have an event :(

Ok that’s fine

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Open in KAPA for 30 min !

Open at Palms Springs intl

Open at OPLA

This topic can be closed, now I am officially IFATC Thank you all !