Othh runway

Still the runway alignment for ILs and GLs has not been done. Awaiting the updat to come…

I think this is a known issue and will be resolved in a later update.

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Let’s see. Still in this update it didn’t come

It will come when it will come, just be patient

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Sure. Thanks for your update

This problem in particular cannot be solved at the moment. It requires editing the runways’ navigation data, and the IFAET doesn’t have the ability for it yet.


It will be fix in the future update for now I recommend that if you are flying into OTHH u hand fly the approach manually

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For a makeshift fix, manually adjust the LOC CRS1 in NAV page to the correct runway heading, in this case, 336. This only works in some of the airports that have this issue AFAIK.

False LOC course 353

Corrected LOC course 336, notice the value change in CRS1


Yhh i had that unwelcome shock while on approach when i engaged the ILS and the plane started turning away. I quickly went back to GPS and disengaged the autopilot at 1200. Is it possible to have NOTAM warnings at that airport and other ones with the same issue?

Probably not… it’s something the devs will have to get around to. It’s also pretty rare so a NOTAM would be a little ambitious.

Well i almost crashed when the plane started turning aggressively at low speed but i guess if its going to be fixed shortly then maybe there is no need for the NOTAM

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