OTHH-LAX (With Fuel Emergency)

I did this flight yesterday and ended today from OTHH-LAX (one of the active airports). I packed up fuel to 100% because that’s about 18HRS, then when I woke up to go to school I didn’t have enough fuel so then I put my speed down to save a bit fuel, everything was good until I got close it told me I had 4% left, but I that time I was in the middle of Ontario and lax so I hoped for the best and these are the photos of my flight

> 17.55
> 777-200LR

Parked At C05 [OTHH]

Nice view of A350 Malaysia Air [From Dubai-Jeddah-Kuwait-Doha, then taking off again without flight plan]

My takeoff now…bound for Los Angeles International Airport

Over Iceland # Put Brightness up

Brightness not that high now

Leaving Iceland Near Auyuittuq National Park

Near Ontario Starting putting flaps because speed wouldn’t go down [known issue]

Seconds from touchdown

Landed 😁

Parked At Tom Bradley

Still don’t why I couldn’t announce fuel emergency with 4%


4% fuel? That shouldn’t happen.

Even with those nasty headwinds the aircraft should’ve had way more remaining fuel than that.

Unless you were cruising really fast initially.

Nope but don’t know what happened

You probably didn’t step climb or you went to high to start. I mainly do max 13 hours to avoid these problems as

Yup I just went directly to 37K

Maybe you were on the training server? Only expert server pilots have access to this feature.

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This was on Expert.

Sorry forgot to say I was on expert.

That negative pitch on short final.

Jokes aside, you should have plenty if fuel to make the flight as a A380 abd a 77W do it daily. What was your Pax and cargo wieght and your cruise height

There’s your problem.

You’re too heavy for FL370 initially so you should’ve stuck with 320 or 340 (even altitude because you’re flying west).

Just wanted a simple response, no negative please

Nice pics! Congrats on reaching

Thanks, and thanks for being positive

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I use www.fpltoif.com for flight planning. It does a complete step climb for you. All you gotta do is change the altitude at the required way-point. Should definitely try it on your next long haul flight.

Oooooh I do like this picture a lot! Nice pictures!

Funny just waited for the positive people to come and give love to my photos unlike others

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Since that’s a 16hr+ flight, step climbing is needed. There’s no real way around it without taking risks. When you go to sleep through and wake up, you should go from the early FL300s to around the mid 30,000 Mark. If you can and have spare time, you can step climb even higher to 39,000 or maybe even the early 40,000s.

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