OTHH Expert Server Issue

Hi All,

Bit of an issue on the Expert Sever

First of Apologies to IFATC Tian, I knew your were trying to get me to contact you on Tower at Doha, however apparently there is a bug of some sorts because as you can see on my screenshot there is no option to tune into the active tower just the Unicom, i tried tuning in and out all the way down the approach before being forced to breakoff, Not sure if I messed something up or what? In the end I just disconnected from the server and ended the flight because it was so frustrating and didn’t want to pick up the ghost. Any advice or if someone could get me in touch with him on the forums to apologies!


Wouldn’t this go in #support

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might do not sure, its an incident on the Expert Server, but the reasoning is what i can only assume is a bug.


I’m going to assume tower wasn’t actually active, but the controller just hadn’t noticed. Yes?


Negative, the tower was active and he kept giving me the “in an active airspace call” As shown in the screen shot i was unable to comply due an apparent glitch, Thus I can only assume he noticed, not sure.


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I would have tried contacting Doha Approach and then request frequency change. Not saying its your fault.

Hi everyone,

I was the active controller at OTHH tower. What seems to have happened is that the aircraft could see the messages I was sending, however he could not respond. I was communicating with other aircraft but somehow I could not communicate with his. He showed up as connected to the Unicom so I simply diverted traffic around him and waited to see if he could contact ground since he had obviously been given an ILS clearance by approach.


Didn’t think about that! I’ll give it ago if this bug comes up again.

This has happened to me before, you’re not alone.
It shouldn’t be an issue after a while. I could finally contact tower after like 10 minutes.

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Odd. If you get this again please report in #support