OTHH [Doha] to FACT [Cape Town] @OTHH - 121930ZMAY20 Down To Cape Town

Down To Cape Town


Hello, I will be designing flights from now on to help people in grade 2 advance to the expert server or people in grade 3 advance to grade 4 and finally get that beloved green nametag. I will try to do this every night so people will get at least 1 flight per day. I hope that this will grow to be a big sub-community in IF and that it will help a lot of people advance. This is the 3rd flight of this series and today we will be flying from Doha to Cape Town. Qatar Airways services this route with its Airbus A350 and is one of the most popular routes connecting the middle east and South Africa. Qatar Airways is one of the 3 main carriers of the Middle East along with Emirates and Etihad. They have a great fleet with a mix of being and airbus and each plane has the unique Qatar look. I hope to see a lot of people there, remember to respect ATC or use Unicom appropriately, please spawn gates about 10-15 min before the STD.
Here is a link to the flight plan.
Have a great day!

Server: Training

Airport(s): OTHH/FACT

Aircraft: Qatar Airways A359

Time: 2020-05-12T19:30:00Z


  • Spawn about 10 minutes before the event starts
  • Act responsibly and listen to ATC
  • If someone has taken your gate just spawn at a nearby gate that isn’t assigned to anyone else.
  • We do fly on training server so unfortunately there is a possibility that there is already ATC. If you are assigned an ATC role I recommend going to the airport before people start spawning in.
Gate Assignments
Gate Attendant
Gate C01 @Casp959er73
Gate C02 @Cole_Papenhausen
Gate C03 @Earl_Martindale
Gate C04 @That_Guy14
Gate C05 @vexzty
Gate C06 @Hardlanding_Hussain
Gate C07
Gate C08
Gate C09
Gate C10
Gate C11
Gate C12
Gate C13











Sign me up

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I will take a gate

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PoSt MuSt Be At LeAsT 10 cHaRaCtErS


I hate that too!


There you go! Glad to have you

of course, please sign me up :))

You’re on the list

Hey! I’ll try my best to come along. I’ll pm you if I wont.
For now, sign me up!

Thank you very much for organising these flights! This flight will get me to Grade 3

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Nice, I remember my last grade 2 flight, and my last grade 3. Trust me you will definitely remember this for years to come.

Sure! Gonna remember the MVP AKA you too.

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There are about 3 hours left until the STD, nevertheless there are still a lot of gates open and a lot of time to join. If you would like to join, we would love to have you. On the other hand, for the participating pilots, if something has come up irl please let me know before the event. Thank you and see you in a few hours.

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Hi, can I join?

Yes, I will give you gate C04

The event is starting soon, this is your last chance to join