Otherworldly Aircraft @ KDCA

Bonjour my amigos, I hope this topic finds you well. SOOOO, yesterday, the anniversary of the day we lost Juice, I biked down to DCA, and nearly froze my hands and toes off, just to catch a space plane. The United Rise of Skywalker livery was flying in from Houston, and since I had a half day of school, I decided to spend my afternoon at Gravelly Point. The lighting started out worse than @Kamryn’s jokes, Some other cool planes came in whilst I was turning into a human popsicle, so it ended up being a pretty good time. Enough small talk, lets get on with the photos! Enjoy, or @RTG113 will hunt you down. And expect a part 2, since I filled up my SD card lol.

Starting us off is an ugly little Cessna 560XL in the presidential/VIP livery, owned by the FAA

Following that is the SpacePlane™

After our special livery of the day, an AA E175 glided over the Washington Monument

Next up is a United Evo Blue CRJ-550 flying into DCA after escaping @Pingu’s SEWR

Another cool plen that flew in was a Delta 752 with no winglets!

Well, my fine persons, thats all for today, but there will be a second topic coming within the next week. I hope you liked them, and let me know which was your favorite! Adios for now :)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Contrast still non existent tate :(


Nice! Love the star wars livery!

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Ignore him, this man still can’t get his aircraft fully in frame after spotting for so long ;-;


Don’t worry @Kamryn, we still love you lol

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I’m sorry kammy 😓

Who doesn’t, it’s such a unique livery! Thanks!

Fr, the day i see a winglet in one of his topics is the day the world will end


Also, holy heck, discourse destroyed the quality on most of the photos

didn’t you see a winglet(s) in my topic roughly 8 hours ago ;-;

No, i had to rush to the bathroom to throw up as soon as i saw your introduction ❤️ jk


I love this shot!

Cant wait for @Pingu 's reply

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Ugly plane fit for an ugly agency. Lol

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

It’s okay Kamryn I’m with you on this one

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of all the jets out there… they chose the 560



The United - Star Wars livery is now available on Boeing 737, but there was a lot of aircrafts were parked due to the COVID-19. Thank you so much for making a post!

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I’m glad you liked it!

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