Other users stealing your position in line for takeoff?

Has anyone else ever experienced someone stealing your position in line for takeoff?

So I just had someone steal mine straight after the preceding aircraft was cleared to line up and wait. I tried to get in quick but they were even quicker!!

It no big deal but as this was on the expert server, you would think that pilots may show a bit more courtesy to those who have been waiting for longer…

When airports are busy it is even more troublesome and I feel that people should respect their position!!!


I’d say expert without an active ATC is almost the same as the training server. If somebody is trolling or so you can always report that pilot to the mods etc

And eventhough they are not “following the rules”, I would just stay professional and let them go etc… 👽👽


Sounds like this is with atc . People do it pretty often actually. I’m not sure if you can be ghosted for it, but sometimes it is because of getting lost or something like that

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The other day this happened to me. I was cooking along the B taxiway at KSAN in an A330 at 20-25kt and There was an AS A320 at a gate on the inside west pier of terminal 1. JUST as I get about to where the guy is, without calling taxi, instead of doing a normal thing and pushing back to the ramp, starting engines and then entering the active taxiway, this guy pushes all the way back to the B taxiway forcing me to stop short (good thing we don’t have high brake temps in IF!) then pushes around some more after getting in the way. I barely wiggled by him on the taxiway centerline and kept on proceeding for the threshold of the runway at C1. What does this guy do? He NEEDLESSLY crosses the runway at an intersection behind me and taxis at ridiculous speed… So I arrive at C1, call for takeoff before he even got all the way turned onto the opposite side taxiway, put the strobes and landing lights on and started to line up, this clown calls for takeoff, cuts me off from lining up and takes off from an intersection.

I later messaged the user and asked him to be more considerate when at an uncontrolled field as he could’ve gotten ghosted if there was a mod/ATC around.

His excuse: “I was late to an event because I was in class”

Morals of the story:

Don’t cut people off in line after they’ve called takeoff and begun to take the runway.
Don’t fly IF while you’re in class!


Too many kids on IF!! Not knocking all youngsters but there are so many impatient people!!


Yeah!! I agree!!

True story Jack. Sometimes it drives me nuts, other times I just shake my head. The above referenced incident was enough to drive me nuts and have me send a message via IFC.


@FBWFTW and @Jack_Nolan yep I agree with both of you and I’m a high school freshmen saying that. To many impatient people. Plenty of young pilots in the sim who are good pilots, but the impatient ones ruin it for all.


Ok Boomer

Back on topic, although it is quite frustrating to have to wait, your only waiting like 2 minutes.


Yes, it has definitely happened, and I wish that I could reach through my screen and slap the pilot. As @Menthesuphisth said — even on Expert server, a lot of people will loose their common decency or just flat out stop caring the moment there is no longer a controller. I was flying from KJFK to KATL this morning, and a pilot that had the same flight plan as me nearly climbed into me during cruise.

But hey, I guess it was a pretty good flight if that’s the worst thing I can complain about. At least a jet didn’t intercept me! 😛

Honestly I really think the standards for Expert Server are way too low. At almost each one of my flight I encounter someone that is doing non-sense, that is stealing my position on takeoff quite frequently actually. Or even worst, last time I was on final on expert server, and an A320 just flew past me to land before me, had to go around.

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probably it’s because I don’t fly to EGLL/KJFK that much, but I’ve not encountered a lot of probably behavious, except once someone tried to crash into me during FNF (got ghosted lol)

I don’t neither, even last week I flown EBBR-ESSB (not a common flight) and what I told on my previous message happened in Stockholm’s smallest airport

I honestly believe the standards to be able to access expert server are way to low

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It’s not that actually. I think the reason is there is not enough in game direction for how to interact with traffic, and also some people just don’t care when there is no moderation.

The other day I spawned at JFK and saw a 321 taking off in the terminal. Why to taxi to the runway when you can do it from your parking position 😂

Good grief. I hope that was on casual or TS

MaxSez: All things considered the only recourse to the line up Thief, the Fighter Hot shot buzzing the field, the spammer ect. is the “Report User” function which has been deactivated due to “Abuse” by the immature voluntary quisi-Mod’s, malcontents and know betters/nothing’s…
Reactivating the “Report User” function on all Servers is a “No Brainer!

Expert server 😐

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From the controller perspective, this always drives me crazy to see. I make sure that aircraft doesn’t depart ahead of the aircraft it was trying to cut if i can (if he’s blocking something then unfortunately i have to let him go)

It annoys me even when someone first begins their taxi that they haul a** to beat someone on the main taxiway.