Other than speech changes IF seems to work just fine on iOS 9.3.

I’ve done a couple of flights after updating my iPad Pro to iOS 9.3.
Other than the changed speech Infinite Flight seems to work just fine.
It takes some getting used to the changes in pronunciation.
Siri’s “kilo” sounds great in iOS. In IF it sounds like “killo”. So that’s weird.
As I stated in another topic, “Schiphol” now sounds like “Shiffle” and “Unicom” sounds like “Unicum”.
The “U” in “Pushback” now sounds like the “U” in “puss”. I didn’t hear anything strange in “Roger”.
My iPad is set to UK English, by the way.
Other than that, I haven’t found anything out of the ordinary and IF is still as smooth as ever. :)


Haven’t updated to 9.3 yet but I will have to give it a go! Good to hear IF works well on it.

I’ve been using 9.3 for a couple months now. You shouldn’t experience any issues other than the pronunciation problems already discussed.