Other Subscription Options

How do I select other subscription options? I no longer see them except for the monthly option.

Which device do you use?

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Ever since 21.7 or some recent version, new subscribers only have a monthly option and all other subscription options were removed.

For those who already have a yearly or 6 month plan, it will continue (assuming they have auto renewal on).

If they do t have auto renewal on, then it will expire on the set date and they will have the monthly option too after their current plan

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This is true, but you can still purchase the older subscriptions from your device settings (under Apple ID > Subscriptions > Infinite Flight in Apple settings). Not entirely sure about Android but I’d assume it’s similar?

You can if you already have a running subscription. If not, new monthly subscription plan will only show up

Right, all initial subscriptions are going to be monthly at first, but they can be “upgraded” in device settings no matter if you had an older option before they were phased out or not.

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