Other possible topic names FEATURE

Hello, IFC,

This feature request is for the following:

IFC has been having more and more duplicates. I thought that as a solution, when you make a topic, you can have a “could also be found as” bar. Here, you could write all the different possible titles for the topic you’re making. For example:

I’m making a US airways A321 topic. I call it : US airways A321. I post it, and then I realize “oh no, it’s a duplicate!!!” I used the search bar before posting, and couldn’t find any US airways A321 topics, but the duplicate was called AIRBUS A321 (US AIRWAYS) or something like that, but I typed US airways A321, and obviously, the search bar didn’t find it.

This would be so that you could type all possible names people could put into the search tool to find your topic before creating a duplicate. I hope this helps the moderators and makes life better for IFC users.

Thank you!

(If this isn’t clear, PM me or ask questions below!)

@Robertine this belongs in #meta as it’s not to do with the game please note this for next time. 😊

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Thanks, will fix that!

*fixed :)

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Sweet thank you 😊

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Thank YOU for pointing that out!

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I searched US airways A321 and it popped up

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Ok, but I said it was an EXAMPLE! (I miss old IF)

The forum works pretty well - it also picks up keywords in replies and places them in search results.

Honestly I believe it’s the responsibility of the original poster to try different possibilities and titles before publishing a piece just my opinion on the matter

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It’s a interesting idea, but unfortunately Infinite Flight does not really “own” the fourm. There is a platform called Discourse that brings all the features to life. You could head over to their community and vote for what you are voting here

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I think people just need to learn how to use keywords 🤷🏼‍♂️


This feature is already implemented 😉