Other players not showing up

Hi! Just started using multiplayer w a pro account yesterday and the first time I logged on, it was fine and players were showing on the casual server but ever since, I’ve logged in and out of servers a total of about 15 times and even if I spawn in at places where there’s traffic I see no one? Neither nametags nor planes, or even blips on my radar show up and I’m basically alone and I don’t understand why?

Try to fly at KLAX

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Are the gates red? That is aircraft size restrictions.

Yeah I tried that already, as well as JFK. I was thinking it may be some sort of server or network issue? I have all my settings (High Plane Count, Download Planes Over Cellular Data, etc.) configured correctly too? I still don’t see anyone. Thank you though!

Nah it’s not the gate restriction thing.

Clear the Scenery Cache. IT is Settings: General: Clear Cache: Yes

Welcome to the community!
Check your internet connection. You can also reinstall IF and see if it helps.
Do you have all green in upper right corner? (System status)

I went ahead and tried that, twice actually once being after restarting the app. The problem is still persisting though for whatever reason, but I still really appreciate your suggestions so thank you!

Thanks Andre! I reinstalled the app but to no avail. I checked the upper right corner and everything is in the green except for the live server which seems to just be stuck on “connecting”, so I suppose it is a network issue on my end? Which is odd because my WiFi is totally fine.

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Are you on VPN?
Edit: You can try to switch between Cellular/Wifi if able. And try a different network.

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The servers have been having issues for everyone recently.

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@Kevin_Bacani Welcome to the community! Try restarting your device and I hope this will improve something.

Also, can you please tell us what device are you using currently, and please take a few screenshots of the server you have spawned on. Thanks.

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Congratulations on joining pro and welcome to the IFC. Your issue could be anything from connection interruption like wifi streaming to a simple setting. Have you tried to set the airplane count to high? From time to time it resets to defaults for me. This is just a simple fix of course and not 100% effective but may help.

In order to see planes you need to be closer to them. There are limitations in place that you can only see so many planes at once to help out on device performance. You can control your airplane count from the settings menu. Setting it to Very High is what most people do but again this is depending on your device.

Also note that if you are on a fresh install of Infinite Flight it may take a tad longer to download the associated model and livery. This can be impacted by your network and speed.

From there as you taxi closer to planes either parked or waiting for take off you should see them appear.


Yup I made sure to do so! Unfortunately it didn’t help. Both the airplanes and nametags don’t show up making it look like an empty server

There was a server crash yesterday impacting both the Expert and Training servers respectively.


I am not. But i went ahead and am using cellular now and it seems to work. I am on my school’s wifi and the only explanation I can muster is that they may have a firewall of some sort on multiplayer games

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As a new user unfortunately I can only post one, but this is an example of how empty it looks in a busy airspace like at London Heathrow’s on a training server.

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@Chris_S When clearing scenery cache does it clears Aircrafts image as well? I’m just curious to know. I don’t have issues

It is common for school wifi to have a firewall which may be blocking the ports or something that is needed for the download.

@GatwickGuy correct. The cache is only for scenery, not planes/liveries.

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