Other planes not showing up

Hi guys so since the new update came out I’ve been experiencing some issues when i get into a server other planes aren’t showing up and i dont want to crash into another plane and get reported is there a way to fix this?

First of all there are server issues. Broken record I know, this is likely the issue. What’s your airplane count on? It’s under the ‘live’ tab

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If you do get reported i think you can tell the person and they will remove especially during what the servers are like now

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Is on very high

Does it happen to you?

Yep, this is going to be because of all the traffic and the server overload. I would fly somewhere a bit quieter or be more careful, have the boxes on and use the map which is now clear to use with the taxiway diagrams, that way you can taxi and fly without coming into contact with any other user.

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hopefully they fixed it 🙏


they are working hard on it, we help them make the game better when we report thoses bug/lags ;)

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This happened to me I think I crushed a SR22 but it said “unknown”

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