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My cousin bought his first live account, but now he has a different email address and he can not buy live longer with the new email adress. He have delete IF and install it again, but it doesn’t work!


Live is only applied to one email, so he would have to buy a new subscription

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He will need to change the email on the Google+ Account or the Facebook account so he can log in. If this isn’t the case and you need further help contact support. He will have to sign in with his old email to use the valid Live Subscription.

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The problem is that he forgot is password and he don’t know wich reset email adress he have put in. And also no telephone number

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I have contact the support Thanks!

It seems as if you’ll have to accept defeate and just buy a new subscription. It might be worth contacting somebody who knows more, to see if they can do anything to help. @Sudarshan_Mahesh

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