Other controllers able to see what freq we are on.

I wish other controllers could see what frequency we are on. Its so annoying when im on Palm Springs approach and Palm Springs tower tells me that “Im in an active airspace” then tells me to contact him. If he would see that im on Palm Springs approach he would know im not just blindly flying through his airspace and that im actually with approach. I just wish they could see that im actually on a freq.


I think the can see


I’m 100% positive they can see

Hello Ryan.

Which server was this on?

ATC playground in the Southern California Region

Don’t expect anything from pg controller.


I see the issue now. As an Advanced Server Controller, we can see what Frequency the Pilot is with. Since this was on the Playground Server, we can’t do anything about it because most controllers on that server have no idea what they are doing and are still in the Learning Process. I suggest you to fly on Advanced if you are still having issues.

Thanks :)

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They can see that

The only reason I fly on the PG server is because its so busy and fun. The Advanced server always has around 10 flights in the region i like to fly in. For example,the PG server has 90 flights in one server, while advanced only has like i said, 10 people. Its just not busy in advanced so it gets boring in there.

Well, right now, there is 72 flights in Adv in Amstradam

We can see buddy. If your concerned about people on PG contacting you there is nothing that can be done about it

I only fly in the Southern California region. I guess i should try new regions.


When I’m on APP frequency and TWR annoys me, I just ignore TWR until APP hands me off, unless APP is the one who’s annoying 😂



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