Other airplanes not visible in-game.

I am currently flying from RJTT to PHNL with some other people and we have the same issue. We can’t see each other even though we are pretty close to each other. It happened to every single one so I doubt that this problem is from our devices. We can see ourselves on Liveflight, that makes it a lot more confusing. Is there currently a server problem or something like that?
A youtuber is currently streaming that flight (I am flying with him).

I appreciate your help, thank you!

You device has to download the planes you haven’t already downloaded. So if you have be space, download as many as you can and they’ll appear much quicker.

It is not that. I have already downloaded every single plane. We can’t even see ourselves on the map (in-game). Earlier, when we started the flight, everyone was visible but now nobody is.

its not that at all cause im flying with them and i have the same problem

It was only a temporary issue! We can see each other again! A mod can close this topic now!