Other aircraft shown as white square

Sorry, didn’t see this message.
My apologies.

I first started noticing it during IFATC sessions. So maybe a month ago?

How many aircraft are you seeing?

Regardless how high you have the setting, there’s an upper limit to how many that will show.

Also, do you know if the ones you aren’t seeing are downloaded to your device previously or not?

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There were only 2 aircraft at the airport and i could see my own and the other was a square.

Does it matter if I’m playing this on WiFi?
Regarding the Download…

But in this case that specific livery was indeed downloaded

If you’re on cellular, you need the box for allowing cellular downloads ticked in the settings.

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Yes, but I’m playing this mostly in a spot with wifi

Was it far away or close?

It was at the other terminal.
So not far, considering sometimes I can see aircraft flying a 3 mile or 4 mile final … :)

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