Other aircraft shown as white square

Operating system:

I have an Android and I wanted to ask, if other users have the same issue?

I spawned in to watch some landings but all it gave me were a couple of white squares.

Could someone please tell me how I can see aircraft again?
I did clear the cache, aircraft numbers are on high, definition is also high…


Thanks in advance


You must be too far away, sometimes that happens and I’m pretty sure it’s a setting you can change.

No, i definitely wasn’t too far away. It happens regularly when I’m tower at IFATC also. I can watch some aircraft 3 miles away but I can’t see the guy at the terminal


Perhaps one of the reasons that you might be having this issue is because the aircraft and livery combination that you’re looking at might not have been downloaded.

For example, if I haven’t flown on the British Airways A320-200, chances are, I won’t be seeing this even when there are other people using the British Airways A320-200, because I haven’t had it downloaded yet.

Usually, if you’re on Wi-Fi, these planes will start downloading automatically and eventually show without you realising, however, if you are flying on a cellular network, you’re going to have to enable a setting where you allow these planes and liveries to be downloaded while you are on a cellular network.

My best advice is to give it some time. If they still don’t show up, perhaps there are some other issues that you might be experiencing.

This happens at home on a WIFI network also.
I’m not sure how this works or doesn’t work.


Then my next best advice is to just wait and see if they eventually get rendered in. How long have you been experiencing this already?

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If your airplane count under the “online” section in IF’s settings is set to low or none, it probably just won’t load in

I notice this too when flying I can be parked next to somebody and can’t see them

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It’s on “extremely high”

OP has already mentioned that their Aircraft Count has been set to high. This might be a different issue.

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But no idea why?
Me neither. At least I’m not alone 😂

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My bad, sometimes I can’t read

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We’ve all been there

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@MaxTheBandit what device specifically are you using?

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Android something?
Samsung A52

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Try restarting the device. Idk I’m just thinking of stuff that normally fixes things.

And can you confirm that you are on the latest version of Infinite Flight, that currently being 22.2?

I can :)

And i did restart my phone multiple times

So you can see some planes at least , just not all ?

I see a few but not all, that is correct :)