Other aircraft not showing in-app

iPad Air 2
iOS 12

I am flying near other aircraft for a group flight but after a while now I am unable to see them on my map or in the app

Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this in-flight?


See screenshots below

My suggestion is to try the normal bug fixer which is restart the app, and if that doesn’t work, delete and re-download.

Hi Luke,

Have you tried zooming in on the map within Infinite Flight? If I recall, the aircraft on the map would disappear once you zoomed out so far. Another possibility may be because the aircraft in-front of/behind you may be too far out for you to see their aircraft on the map. I know on the iPad Pro 10.5" I’m able to see aircraft within a 150nm-200nm radius of my position. This distance will vary based on the device.



Hey @DeerCrusher ,

Thanks for that suggestion :)

-Tried zooming in and out but looks like they still aren’t re appearing.

-I also can’t see the name tags or any sign of any other aircraft in the app at the moment.

And according to LiveFlight I believe/think sorry if I’m wrong that I am close enough to see the other aircraft as we are at around the same altitude and not to far away


The aircraft have now just re appeared in the app finally :)

Thanks for the help guys!

This can be closed now :)

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